Love Island Betting Guide

As Love Island returns for another series and that means we’re firing up the Love Island betting markets in our sportsbook! If you’ve not bet on Love Island before then this guide will take you through everything you need to know.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the show or just a mildly interested observer, betting on Love Island can transform the way you follow all the action from Casa Amor. We’ll explain how to bet on Love Island, where the best bets can be found, and everything in between!

Love Island Betting explained

If you like to bet, Love Island might well be the TV show for you. This reality show has more twists and turns than a Formula One race, and is packed with drama. It means you can never be quite sure what’s about to happen – and this makes following your Love Island bets even more fun!

Here’s how Love Island betting works. Players need to sign up for a Bet UK account and make a deposit, before heading over to our sportsbook. Here you'll find the Love Island odds (see below for more details on those!) and the list of contestants in Casa Amor.

Your aim is to back an outcome you think will happen. For example in Series 8, you might have bet on Davide and Ekin-Su to be the winning couple early in the show. That bet won, so you would have turned a profit!

To place any bet, click on the outcome you want to back and enter your stake in the bet slip. Check the risk and potential reward, and once you’re happy it’s time to hit the Place Bet button.

And that’s it! All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the show.

Best Love Island betting odds

Actually choosing which bet to place is the tricky bit. Here at Bet UK we strive to deliver the best Love Island betting odds available. Below are some of the top Love Island bet options you can back in the next series!

Winning Couple: This is the most straightforward market. Here, you're betting on which couple will be the last one standing at the end of the series. It’s essential to pay attention to public sentiment and how each couple's relationship develops throughout the season.

Top Male or Top Female: These markets are about betting on which individual – regardless of their couple status – will make it to the end of the show. Factors that could influence these bets include an individual's popularity, their ability to form strong bonds, and how well they handle challenges in the villa.

Next Elimination: In this market, you're betting on who will be the next person or couple to be voted off the show. This can be a trickier market to predict, especially in the early rounds when more people are in the Villa.

Most Recouplings: This market involves predicting which Islander will switch partners the most times during the series. Anyone remember the furore over Georgia, Kem and Amber in series three? Controversy in this show is everywhere. Some Islanders may be more indecisive or desirable, leading to more recouplings.

First Kiss: This is a more specific, event-based market. Here, you're betting on which two Islanders will share the season's first kiss. Sometimes it’s fast – remember Tanya and Shaq from series nine? And sometimes it can take a while for a couple to truly hook up.

First Argument: Who doesn’t love fireworks? Similar to the 'First Kiss' market, 'First Argument' involves betting on which couple or Islanders will have the first noticeable spat. It can be influenced by clashing personalities, romantic competition, or differing views on various issues. Make sure you carefully observe each islander before making your mind up on this bet.

When is Love Island back?

The latest series of Love Island began in June 2023. It is the10th series of the show, and fans will be able to access their favourite Love Island bets here at Bet UK!

Love Island Betting FAQs

Can you bet on Love Island?

Yes. You can bet on Love Island at Bet UK and wager on plenty of outcomes, including betting on who will win Love Island this year.

What Love Island bets are there?

There are plenty of great Love Island bets to take advantage of, including: Winning Couple, Top Male and Top Female, Next Elimination and First Kiss.

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