Wimbledon Odds

Combining the glorious British summer with the world's most anticipated Tennis tournament, it's no surprise to see why so many eyes are drawn to the Centre Court.

Wimbledon is the most historic tournament in the world and is considered to be the top prize for Tennis players to acquire. When the competition launches in the Summer, the finest players from men's and women's Tennis will compete in head-to-head matches over the course of two weeks, with the hope of reaching a Grand Slam final.

Throughout the sport, Wimbledon remains one of the most original competitions with strict traditions and all matches taking place on real grass, each of which contributes to the immense popularity the tournament has garnered.

There is a total of 128 players that enter the Women's and Men's tournaments, where they will take part in single-elimination matches until reaching the final. Once the penultimate final has been reached, the two final players will clash on the Centre Court for a chance at the title.

Wimbledon Betting Markets

As the tournament approaches, you can view the Wimbledon tennis betting odds that are available for you to bet on. This can include outright and in-play betting options, providing you with a way to bet ahead of the match or live as you watch the action.

Outright Wimbledon Betting

Outright betting markets are some of the most popular for Wimbledon odds, with odds covering some of the major outcomes in the tournament, such as the competition's winner.

Wimbledon Winner Odds - Before the tournament begins, you can predict which player you believe will win Wimbledon. You can also place this bet once the competition has started, but the odds will change as it becomes clearer which players are favourites. These odds are available for both the Men's and the Women's tournaments.

Match betting - For each single's match that takes place, you can view the odds for the player that you believe will win.

Correct score - Before a match has started, you have the option to predict what you believe the correct score will be by the end. This is considered one of the hardest bets to predict, given how many sets could be played.

Handicap - With Wimbledon, handicap betting odds are widely available. The handicap allows you to improve the odds by predicting that a favourite will win a match with a handicap that starts them on a negative number of games. For the bet to be successful, this would mean that the favourite would need to win by a set number of games to overcome the handicap.

Totals - Before a match begins, predict whether it will have over or under a specific amount of games.

In-play Wimbledon Betting

Betting in-play during Wimbledon matches is a popular choice as it gives punters a chance to view how players perform on the day, along with the state of the game. This can be used to inform bet selections as you predict what is likely to happen next.

Set Betting - Throughout the match, each set provides an option to bet on who will win the upcoming set.

Game betting - For players to win a set, they need to win six games. With each game played throughout the match, you can predict which player will win.

Next point - This is one of the fastest bets available for Wimbledon betting. For this bet to be successful, you must correctly predict which player will score the next point.

The number of games - As you spectate the game, you can place a bet on the player you believe will reach a specific number of games first. If you notice a player having a strong start to a game, you might predict they will win four games first.

Finding the latest Wimbledon Betting Odds

Wimbledon typically lasts two weeks, with many singles matches taking place in both the Women's and Men's tournaments. Once each result has been determined, the Wimbledon odds will be updated to reflect how the performances are going.

If you're considering a bet on the next match or the outcome of Wimbledon, you should make sure to check the markets to see if the odds have changed.

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Wimbledon Betting FAQs

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding Wimbledon betting.

What are the most popular Wimbledon Odds?

Outright bets on the winner of Wimbledon are always a popular selection due to the odds offered. It is also one of the more difficult bets to predict, given how many top players compete in Wimbledon.

In-play bet types are also popular, allowing punters to preview the start of matches before deciding which bet they would like to place.

Why is Wimbledon so popular?

Not only is Wimbledon the oldest competition in the sport, it also brings together some of the greatest talents as they challenge each other for such a prestigious title. In previous years this has included names such as Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and prospects like Emma Raducanu.

Wimbledon is certainly an authentic tournament, given the traditional rules that still apply today.

When does Wimbledon take place?

Wimbledon starts during the peak of the British summertime, with the first matches taking place in July. Since beginning in 1877, the tournament has always been hosted in London at the All England Club.

Can you bet on Wimbledon doubles?

Singles aren't the only matches that you can bet on. Throughout Wimbledon, betting markets allow you to bet on the doubles too.

These matches are similar to Wimbledon Men's singles, as teams compete in the best of five sets.

Who is the most successful Tennis player in Wimbledon history?

Since the beginning of the tournament, many players have stamped their names in Wimbledon history, securing several titles. Among those players is the legendary player Roger Federer, as well as players such as Pete Sampras and Novak Djokovic.

In women's singles, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf and Serena Williams hold the most Wimbledon titles.

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