2023 US Open Tennis Odds

Taking place in New York each year, the US Open is the elite Tennis tournament to come out of the United States. Players compete head-to-head on a hard court surface with the objective of achieving this Grand Slam title.

Looking to bet on the winner of the 2023 US Open Tennis tournament? Look no further than BetUK, where you'll be able to find the best betting odds for players such as reigning champion Carlos Alcaraz who sits at the top of the pre-tournament betting odds after an incredible battle with Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final during the Summer.

Within the US Open Tennis tournament, there are five championships, consisting of the Men's and Women's Singles, Doubles and a Mixed Double competition. The double's and women's singles are won via a best-of-three-sets format, with the men's competition rising to a best of five sets.

As one of the Grand Slam tournaments, the US Open is certainly among the elite prizes for Tennis players to compete for. Being one of the major prizes in Tennis, the competition also attracts some of the greatest talents within the sport. With this being the case, it's clear why there is such a range of betting odds available for you to select from when browsing the latest markets.

Across our UK sportsbook, you will also find US Open odds for both men's and women's singles, along with the doubles competitions.

Below are some of the most popular US Open Tennis betting odds for you to select on both outright and in-play markets.

Tennis US Open Betting Markets

When browsing the markets for US Open odds, you will likely find a great range of options, with some making more sense than others. Outright betting odds provide you with the selection to bet on a specific outcome before the event has started. In-play betting is more of a live format, offering up-to-date odds throughout the game for you to bet on.

Outright US Open Odds

If you're considering an outright bet for the US Open, some of the most popular bet types will be available in the run-up to the tournament. As we get closer to the beginning of the tournament and throughout, more options will be visible on the outright markets.

Outright Winner - Considered one of the most popular bets because of the odds and selections, the outright winner bet is one where you predict which player will be the winner of the US Open.

Match Winners - Ahead of a single's or doubles match, you can also find options to bet on the player(s) to be the winners of that specific match in the tournament.

Totals - Total bets add more variety to the standard betting option, allowing you to predict how many games will be played in a single match. For example, you might predict that a match will have over 22.5 games. If it is a match that is dominated by one player, there are likely to be fewer games played, whereas a match that is more balanced is likely to have more games played. This is because the match will require more games for the winner to be decided.

Handicap - If there is a clear favourite for an upcoming match in the US Open, a handicap bet can be used to improve the odds. In practice, Novak Djokovic might start with -2.5 games, meaning that he will need to win the set by three or more for the bet to be successful.

US Open Match Betting Odds

Betting on the US Open does not stop at outright betting. Over the course of the tournament, you will find frequently updated odds for you to bet on US Open matches. This form of betting tends to offer more variety with specific events to bet on.

Set Winners - As you follow each set within the match, you can bet on which player you believe will win the upcoming sets. This can be a popular selection as the live aspect allows punters to view how the match is unfolding before deciding to place the bet.

Game Winners - Betting on each game is a more frequent option that gives the punter an option to bet on individual games within a set. Due to the frequency, you should always make sure to check the latest odds before placing the bet.

Correct Score - Being even more specific, you can predict what you believe the correct score will be for each set. This is considered less popular due to how specific the bet prediction can be.

Throughout the matches, you can still bet on the overall winner, but the odds will constantly be updated to reflect the state of the match. For example, if one player is well on their way to winning the match, the payout odds for that player winning will be dropped.

Bet Live on the US Open

When looking at US Open tennis odds, the majority of the time these betting odds follow a trend similar to all popular tennis events, the higher the ranking of player, the better their odds of making the final match or even winning a Grand Slam. However, the era of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer is coming to an end, so we could soon see an influx of new winners and variety in the Tennis odds. This is going to lead to an increase in popularity amongst live betting in Tennis as matches will be significantly closer on paper and bettors may wait until the match begins before deciding where to bet in Grand Slams.

Current US Open champion Carlos Alcaraz is a popular bet with live bettors, he has a phenomenal record in major tournaments and with this years competition, many will be backing him for success. However, the question in the mind of many is what the correct score in Carlos Alcaraz matches will be and that is where live betting on the young Spaniard can come in handy.

US Open Betting FAQs

How to bet on the US Open?

if you're looking to bet on the US Open, you'll need to find the correct betting market in our sportsbook offering above. If you're looking for outright winners, you'll need to check out the outright section but if you're looking to bet on US Open matches. Your first bet options will be available automatically in the section above. In-play matches will always be the first match available in the sportsbook and to view the betting markets, you simply need to click on a match to view all the markets for that match and click the odds section of the bet you wish to place to add the bet to your betslip. Following that, everything you need will be available in your betslip.

How do you know who is likely to win the US Open?

Whether it's the Men's or Women's competition, there is no sure way of predicting who will win. So many external influences can come into play that you can't account for, including the match-ups that each player will face on their way to the US Open Final.

There will always be a selection of strong favourites at the beginning, but with the rise of new talent and form, there is no reason why someone couldn't cause an upset. If live betting is more of a preference, you can still bet on the US Open winner once it has started, allowing you to watch the matches and view the performances of each player. However, this will cause the odds to be updated on the sportsbook as it will become more clear who the favourites are.

Who is the most successful in US Open History?

For men's singles, Roger Federer is among the most successful names in recent US Open history. During the Open era, he is tied for five titles with Pete Sampras and Jimmy Connors. Women's singles have been dominated by Serena Williams and Christine Evert, with both players making their mark on home turf.

How does qualification for the US Open work?

In total, there are 128 players in the US Open Tennis tournament. The players that fill these positions are decided by top rankings, qualifying and wild cards. Wild cards offer direct entry into the Grand Slam without additional qualification matches needing to be played.

Where is the US Open hosted?

Every year, the US Open is hosted in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre. This venue has remained the standard selection for the tournament since 1978.

The tournament typically runs from the end of August through to September.

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