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French Open Betting

Dating back to 1891, the French Open is one of the more historical Tennis tournaments, bringing together the world's greatest players to compete for this title.

This major tennis tournament is also called Roland-Garros, which also shares the stadium's name in which the tournament is played.

The Stade Roland-Garros in Paris, where the French Open is played, consists of clay courts. As an alternative playing surface, clay courts are preferred by some players, whilst others may favour traditional surfaces.

Recent years have seen two players dominating men's singles, but the main name is the legendary Rafael Nadal. The Spanish pro has developed an impressive record in the tournament, with one period resulting in five consecutive French Open wins.

The women's singles have been more varied, with various players rising to claim the French Open. Notable names include the US veteran Serena Williams.

French Open Betting Odds

When the French Open begins during the Spring period, you can find all the latest betting odds via our online sportsbook. Providing you with options to bet on individual match-ups throughout the tournament to the final winner of the competition.

French Open Outright Betting

With outright betting, you have the option to make predictions before the French Open has started, or you place bets on the individual match-ups that are happening at each round of the competition.

French Open Winner - Predict the tennis player that you think will win the French Open.

Match Result - For every knockout round played at the French Open, you will be able to find updated odds for predicting the result of that match-up. To win, correctly predict which player will win the game.

Handicap betting - Odds for any match-ups in the tournament that consist of a clear favourite and an underdog can be improved with handicap betting. For the French Open, a handicap bet could mean that the underdog starts the match with a 1.5-set lead. This would mean that the favourite must win with two sets.

Total games - Before a match has started, you can bet on how many games will be played in total.

French Open In-play Betting

Many punters select in-play betting for the French Open, offering an extensive range of bets and allowing spectators to view the action before deciding which bets to place.

Set betting - Each set brings about other betting options, including the player to win the next set, the final score of the set and more.

Game betting - In tennis betting, six successful games are needed to make a set. As this is the most frequent round, there is an extensive range of in-play betting options available that you can bet on. Following the live-action, you can bet on the player to win the upcoming game. Handicap betting can also be used here, along with other types of French Open betting odds, such as the first player to score points.

Men's French Open

For the men's singles, 128 players will be included in the draw, whilst there are 16 qualifiers. The finals of the competition take on a knockout format, starting with the Quarter-Finals and followed by the Semi-Finals and the deciding Final.

In 1891, the first player to win the men's French Open went to a British player called H. Briggs.

You can find French Open betting odds for each of the men's singles, including the option to bet on the outright winner. View all the previous winners in recent years to get an idea of who the top performers are in France.

Women's French Open

The women's singles tournament uses the same format and approach as the men's, with each player needing to challenge their way through knockout rounds.

Starting slightly later than the men's tournament, the first women's competition happened in 1897, and it was won by a French player named Adine Masson.

Like the men's, the women's odds will be available via the latest French Open betting markets, offering the choice to bet in-play or outright.

French Open Betting FAQs

How do I find the best French Open Betting Odds?

The odds are always being updated for this tournament, so it's important to pay attention to any news surrounding the players before placing your first bet. As injuries strike players, or they find their form in other tournaments, the outright odds for them to win can be updated.

Women's and men's singles will be played at the French Open, which means you can find betting markets for both in the build-up to the event. Whether you choose to follow the women's or the men's singles, you will still be able to find the latest news surrounding the professional players.

Who is the most successful player in the French Open?

Looking at the players who have the most consistent performances in the French Open can help you better understand the favourites that are participating in the tournament.

Previous tournaments have been dominated by Rafael Nadal, who has now won more than 10 French Opens, showcasing to the world how successful he has been.

For women's singles, Chris Evert and Steffi Graf rank among the most decorated players. Chris Evert won her titles during the 70s, and early 80s, with Steffi winning her titles towards the end of the 80s and early 90s.