Table Tennis Betting Odds

When looking to place a bet on Table Tennis, there are a number of competitions and events that you can bet on. Whether you're simply a fan of the game or you play it yourself, you'll be able to find the best betting markets ahead of major table tennis events such as World Table Tennis Championships and the ITTF Table Tennis World Championships. These markets contain competitive odds which can be found on the top Table Tennis betting sites such as BetUK which offer both outright and in-play betting markets, giving you the opportunity to bet on all major competitions and the individual table tennis matches.

Best Table Tennis Competitions for Betting

In the world of Table Tennis, there are a number of competitions where the best players around the world compete to eventually make it to the Olympic stage or World Cup to represent their country. Here are some of the biggest competitions in Table Tennis.

Olympic Games: Occurring at the Summer Olympic Games, this Table Tennis tournament is the most prestigious event in the sport. Both individual and team competitions take place during this time for men and women and it provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a lot of competitors.

World Table Tennis Championships: The World Tennis Championships are organised by the International Table Tennis Federation, also known as the ITTF. Who bring the greatest names in Table Tennis together for a fantastic series of events every year.

Unfortunately, due to health and safety concerns, the number of Table Tennis tournaments dropped significantly in 2020, this included the Table Tennis World Cup. However, it is believed that more championship events will start up once again in the near future.

Best Table Tennis Players to Bet On

When looking at individual players to bet on in a Table Tennis match, there are are thousands of fantastic players who could dominate at most stages of the game. However, when looking at the very best in each category, here are some names to look out for.

Men's Singles

Although, MA Long is widely regarded as one of the biggest legends in Table Tennis history and one of the most bet on Table Tennis players of all time. He currently doesn't sit as our number one player to bet on in these events, but he does come close! Our top player to bet on is a younger player who many believe will come close to matching the fantastic achievements of of the legendary Long. That player is Fan Zhendong, who sits as the World Number One with an incredible points record. When these two players have gone head to head, Long actually has a good record against Zhendong but the rising star is definitely the one to bet on in the Men's category.

Women's Singles

If you ever look at Table Tennis betting tips before an event such as the World Championships, it is likely that one name will be in the conversation consistently and that is Sun Yingsha. The Chinese superstar is the most dominant name in the sport across all competitions whether she playes in singles and duos competition, Sun Yingsha will be the favourite in the betting odds.

What types of Table Tennis matches can I bet on?

You can bet on any of the Table Tennis formats which include:

  • Men’s Singles
  • Women’s Singles
  • Men’s Doubles Pairs
  • Women’s Doubles Pairs
  • Men’s Doubles Individuals
  • Women’s Doubles Individuals
  • Mixed Doubles Pairs
  • Mixed Doubles Individuals

Who is the highest ranked English Table Tennis player?

The highest ranked English Table Tennis player is Liam Pitchford who consistently ranks between 25th and 50th in the rankings.

As for the Women's category, Tin-Tin Ho is the highest ranked English Women's player sitting between 100th and 200th consistently. However, if you check the ITTF rankings, there are a number of English players coming through the rankings who could be fantastic players when they reach the world stage.

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