Surfing Betting Odds

Surfing is one of the most unique betting markets in the world and as it stands, the sport is mainly bet on during the Olympic Games, as there aren't a large number of betting markets available for the likes of The Triple Crown of Surfing and the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational.

Surfing betting will often be surrounding the winners of Surfing competitions and events. However, Surfing does sit as one of the most popular water sports to bet on around the world.

How does betting on Surfing competitions work?

Surfing competitions tend to follow a linear format, details may vary during the event, organisations organise events such as the World Surf League and these are regulated by associations in different areas, which determine the schedule, locations and rules for the event.

In regards to actual betting, competitors are divided into heats and compete against each other. So in these situations you can bet on the individual winner of each heat, which can contain up to four Surfers in a single heat. In some scenarios, Surfers are judged on overall performances during heats and are scored between 0 and 10 on a specific criteria, similar to diving. So, when looking to place a bet on the overall winner, judge who they could come up against in later heats to find the best odds for the next winner.

Once a number of heats are completed, you'll have the final rounds of the competition and your bets for outright winners of the event will be determined. The winner will be the Surfer with the highest cumulative score from every round, after a variety of challenges.

It's important to note that surfing competition formats can vary, and certain events may have unique rules or structures. The specifics of each competition are typically outlined in the event's official rules and regulations. Meaning that in some scenarios, betting methods will be different that as stated above.

Best Betting Market for Surfing

When looking for the best betting market for Surfing, you need to find a market that will appear regularly and find good odds within that. So, in our opinion, betting on a heat is the best betting market in our opinion, this allows you to narrow the field of Surfers in the field, meaning the betting odds will be lower but the chance of success will be much higher and the variables of each event are significantly smaller.

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