World Rugby Sevens Betting

If you're new to the concept of Rugby Sevens, this version of Rugby Union features teams made up of seven-a-side, but the games are still played on full-sized pitches. The rules also remain the same, with points being achieved through tries and kicks.

One of the major differences with the game is the duration. Sevens matches last for a total of fourteen minutes.

The World Cup Rugby Sevens Series occurs throughout the season, with matches being played worldwide. In total, there are ten tournaments which take place in ten different countries. Throughout these tournaments, each of the teams has the aim of acquiring the most points to carry them to the World Rugby Sevens Series title.

World Rugby Sevens Odds

World Rugby Sevens Outright Bets

Before the World Rugby Sevens begins, you can view the latest outright betting markets, allowing you to make predictions ahead of the competition or matches.

Match results - Ahead of the matches, you can predict the final result with various betting options. This includes handicap betting, which is used when there is a strong favourite.

Over/under betting - Place a bet on whether a team will score over or under a set amount of points within a Rugby Sevens match.

Sevens Series winner - Predict which team will accumulate the most points and win the overall series.

World Rugby Sevens In-Play Bets

In-play betting can be more specific for the World Rugby Sevens Series, providing you with the option to follow the action live before selecting your bet.

Next scorer - In each of the World Cup Rugby Sevens games, you can place bets on who you believe will score the next try. This can include bets on individuals and bets on teams.

Prop bets - Bet on individual player events, such as players making fouls or scoring a certain number of tries within the game.

World Rugby Sevens Betting FAQs

Can you bet on Rugby Sevens?

Yes, at BetUK you can place a Rugby bet on each tournament included in the Sevens Series. This includes the latest Rugby Sevens odds for individual matches and the outright winner of the series.

Keeping an eye on the betting markets can help you find the best odds as they are updated to reflect the events of the Rugby Sevens.

How does World Rugby Sevens work?

Games in the World Rugby Sevens are brief, only lasting 14 minutes. This is spread over two halves of seven minutes. Many of the rules in the World Rugby Sevens Series are the same as the standard Rugby Union sport, including how points are achieved.

What is the biggest Rugby Sevens tournament in the world?

The Rugby World Cup Sevens is the biggest tournament of the Sevens Series that includes both a women's and men's variation. Our online sportsbook provides you with a range of online betting options for the Sevens World Cup, including predictions for the outright winner, as well as specific events during the games.

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