Six Nations Betting

Six Nations betting comes around every winter and each year millions of rugby fans look to nail profitable bets on this amazing tournament. Here at Bet UK we deliver the goods with literally thousands of Six Nations betting odds spanning all 15 matches.

From tournament winner to first try scorer, handicap betting and over/unders, Bet UK has it all. If you’re new to rugby and need some Six Nations betting tips then you’re in the right place.

In this guide we’ll take you through how to bet on the Six Nations, why the tournament is perfect for punters, and offer up some smart wagers for first-time players.

Six Nations Betting Odds

It’s worth knowing how the Six Nations works before betting on games. The tournament involves six European teams – England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Italy and France – who compete over five gameweeks in February and March. Whoever tops the table wins the Championship, but the big prize is to go undefeated and with the Grand Slam.

Betting on the Six Nations takes three forms:

Outright bets – These wagers focus on the futures market, and include outcomes such as tournament winner and top points scorer

Pre-match bets – Place wagers on games before kick-off, such as match winner and first try scorer

Live betting – Enjoy live Six Nations betting in-play and time your wagers to perfection on continually-changing odds

Six Nations Best Bets

So, now we know the type of bets available to players, it’s worth looking at the best Six Nations bets you can make. The most popular bets are the best for newcomers to the sport, as these are usually the easiest to understand and follow in a live setting.

Below are some of the top bets Six Nations fans will place at next year’s tournament:

Match winner – This is the most straightforward bet on Six Nations games. Simply back the home team (1), draw (X), or away team (2) to win. Of course, the odds of a draw in rugby are always a lot higher than for one team to win.

First points scorer – Back a team to score the first points. This is a smart bet if you know a team likes kicking penalties whenever they get the chance.

HT/FT – Wager on who will be leading at half time, and who will win the game. This is a great bet if you think a team will start fast but then fade.

First try scorer – These odds usually focus on wingers and centres, who are likely to get the ball in a try-scoring position. Remember not to overlook forwards who could muscle their way over the line!

Handicaps – Add a score handicap to the final result to even out the odds. For example, you could bet on England to beat Italy with a -14 point handicap. They therefore need to win by 15 points for you to win your bet.

Total points – Bet over/under a specific number for the total points you think will be scored in the entire game, or by one team. This is a great bet if you think it’s going to be a tight contest.

Six Nations Tips

When it comes to betting on the Six Nations the biggest tip anyone can give you is to bet smart. This might sound obvious but a winning bet is far more useful to you than a losing bet, even if the profit margin is small. New bettors are minded to wager on easier, more realistic outcomes before testing their luck on big-odds bets. After all, you don’t want to blow your budget on a stupid bet in the chase of an immediate windfall.

Betting smart involves:

  • Doing your research
  • Following past results
  • Checking injury updates and team selections
  • Monitoring the odds for sudden changes
  • Betting with wins in mind, not profit size

Below are some smart Six Nations tips for each of the teams competing in next year’s tournaments.

Bet on England Six Nations

The best England bet at the Six Nations is for them to win their home games. Twickenham is a fortress for England which is rarely breached. On occasion when they do lose at home, the handful of bettors who wagered against them deserve their profit.

England play either two or three home games per Six Nations, and are usually good to win against Italy, Scotland and Wales. In recent years they’ve been suspect to the odds loss, but the Red Rose are still well worth backing at home.

Tip: England to win if they’re playing at home

Bet on Ireland Six Nations

Grand Slam Six Nations betting is one of the biggest wagers in the futures market, and Ireland are the best option here if you think they’re on for a sweep. Ireland have won the Grand Slam in three of their five Championship triumphs since it became a six-nation tournament. So, they have a 60% chance of beating everyone when they’re on course for the title. This makes Ireland a smarter bet for the Slam than anyone else, if you assume it’s their year.

Tip: Back an Irish Grand Slam if they look likely to win the Championship

Bet on Wales Six Nations

Some teams are best staying clear of, and Wales is that team in rugby. It’s impossible to know how this team will perform from one game to the next. Wales are in a transitional phase that seems to never end, and they were humbled in 2022 when finishing fifth. Wales have the spirit and talent to shock the likes of England, France and Ireland, but not all three at once. They’re not worth backing for or again because the team is just too flighty.

Tip: Stay away from Wales match result betting, and focus on live bets instead

Bet on Scotland Six Nations

Starting a Six Nations strong is important if you’re to win the Championship. Sadly for Scotland, they rarely do this. Only once in the past 27 Championships have Scotland won their first two games back-to-back. This stutter at the start means they can’t make up ground in time to challenge for the title. So, if Scotland win their first game then be sure to wager on a defeat in the next.

Tip: Monitor Scotland’s progress and bet against whatever their previous result was

Bet on France Six Nations

If you’re betting on tries in the Six Nations odds then look no further than France. They averaged 18 tries per tournament between 2018 and 2022, which boils down to 3.6 per game. Now, this may not sound like a lot but in international rugby, where penalty kicks are more commonplace, nailing this average is pretty tough.

Tip: France to score +3.5 tries in Six Nations games

Bet on Italy Six Nations

Accumulator betting on Six Nations games is a great way to maximise your odds while wagering on banker outcomes. And Italy losing big games is usually the best way to go. Italy rarely win more than one game in a Championship, and are a good bet to lose when on the road. Therefore, to boost your profit margins on an acca it’s worth adding them in for a defeat.

Tip: Add Italy to lose to any 6 Six Nations betting accumulator when they play away

Six Nations FAQs

Can I bet on Six Nations?

Yes. You can bet on Six Nations at Bet UK and get access to thousands of odds during the course of the Championship, including: Match winner, first try scorer, HT/FTs, handicaps and Grand Slam betting.

What is the best Six Nations bet?

The best Six Nations bet is a winning bet! Some bets that are more likely to win than others include:

  • England to win at home
  • Scotland to lose after a victory
  • Adding Italy defeat in your acca
  • France to score +3.5 tries

What are the betting odds for Six Nations?

The Six Nations betting odds currently tip France and Ireland to contest the 2024 Championship, while England, Wales and Scotland trail behind. Italy remain the favourites for the wooden spoon.

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