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US election odds are live as we head towards the 2024 presidential election here at BetUK. US election betting covers more than just the presidential battle between the likely candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump. In fact, you can use our US Presidential election odds page to access a great range of bet options, including:

  • Presidential betting
  • Vice president betting
  • Republican nominee betting
  • Democratic nominee betting
  • Size of popular vote odds
  • Winning party odds

Whether you’re an expert in US politics betting or simply want to test the waters betting on Trump or Biden, BetUK is the place for you. Account holders can bet on next US president markets right up until the vote date on Tuesday 5 November 2024.

Place bets early and get improved odds before the Republican and Democrat primaries. Track the odds changes throughout the summer of 2024 and monitor the live TV debates to make quick bets before the prices shift.

US election betting

Most activity around the US election odds focuses on the presidential race. We’re expecting it to be Joe Biden vs Donald Trump II, in a repeat showdown of their 2020 race.

Biden won that battle by more than seven million votes and was sworn in via the Electoral College despite the insurrection of January 6th. Trump has baselessly contested the result of that election ever since – so much so that he’s facing charges of attempting to defraud the United States, which he denies.

The next US president betting markets are like nothing we’ve seen before. Between now and election night there’s going to be many ups and downs in the odds, huge controversies, and plenty of drama.

US president betting odds

The most popular market for US election betting is, of course, the president betting odds. This is not yet a straight-up battle between Biden and Trump, because both men need to secure their party nominations first.

Primary season kicks off in January 2024 and by the summer we’ll know who is running for the Democrats and Republicans. Until then, BetUK’s politics betting odds will be in constant flux as rival candidates to Trump and Biden seek their party nominations.

Check back to this page throughout the election cycle to see the latest US election betting odds.

Bet on Biden

You can bet on Joe Biden odds at BetUK as he seeks a second term in office. The president has endured a tumultuous first term in which his popularity has fallen to record lows. He was also odds-on at one stage to quit the presidency before his first four years were out!

Betting on Biden requires punters to consider a few variables. One is his age. He’ll be 81 come the next US election and many Americans think he’s too old to serve a second term. The other is his performance. An incumbent president usually gets a polling boost when seeking four more years because voters are unwilling to back a change candidate. But Biden bucks that trend as Democrats, as well as Republicans, are unhappy with the job he’s done.

Democrat nominee betting

Biden will need to secure the Democratic nomination in the spring of 2024 before he can run for president again. This is effectively a formality. No-one in the Democratic party is seriously going to challenge the president, especially as it would look weak to do so.

The Dems need to show a united front in the face of the Republicans and prove to floating voters that Biden is the stable choice at the US presidential election.

Bet on Trump

The Donald Trump odds pushed into first place in October 2023 despite a series of criminal allegations put to the former president, which he denies. Trump’s popularity has grown beyond his MAGA base and he is the frontrunner to win the presidency in 2024.

Interestingly, more and more people are engaged in Trump betting. Those who backed him to beat Hilary Clinton in 2016 secured big profits because the polls and the bookies had him out at 9/1. There’s no chance Trump will be priced this high in 2024 but the popularity of this bet option has driven his price down, past Biden. 

Republican nominee betting

Polls in the autumn of 2023 had Trump at 50% among Republican voters for the GOP nomination. His rivals – the likes of Vivek Rashwarmy, Nikki Haley, and Mike Pence – are nowhere near Trump’s levels of popularity.

So much so that Pence even dropped out of the race. You can bet on the Republican nominee at BetUK and see the Trump odds alongside the likes of Ron DeSantis and Chris Christie.

Bet on Republican VP

We expect Biden and Kamala Harris to form the Democrat ticket for 2024 but there is serious uncertainty over who will be the Republican VP choice. Assuming Trump is the presidential nominee, focus turns to who will back him against Biden and Harris.

DeSantis is almost surely out of the race here. The Florida governor has clashed with Trump on numerous occasions as he’s tried to secure the presidential nomination. Trump has hit back and his supporters dislike Santis almost as much as Democrats.

Haley and Ramashwarmy are neck-and-neck to get the pick. Ultimately it's Trump's decision and he favours Haley right now. However, the likes of Elise Stefanik and Kristi Noem cannot be overlooked, nor can Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It's very possible the GOP goes for a woman as their VP choice.

Bet on US election app

Remember, you can download the BetUK app and bet on US election odds whenever you like! Our app is downloadable on Apple, Android and Windows devices, and is your go-to destination for politics betting.

Whether you think Biden betting is the way to go, or reckon the Trump odds are just too good to turn down, make sure you use the BetUK app to get all the latest updates. Get notifications for great bonuses and betting offers, see the latest bet boosts, and check out intricate markets as we head towards the US election!

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