Netball Betting Odds

What is Netball?

Netball is a team sport that originated in England during the 19th century, the sport is predominantly popular as women's sports but mixed and men variants of the game are becoming increasingly popular across the world. The sport that Netball resembles the most is Basketball due to it's distinctive rules; however, the two sports are still very different.

The sport is played with two teams of seven players lined-up on a rectangular court, to score points, teams must throw the ball into the opposing team's net, the team with the most points within 60 minutes wins the games, the 60 minutes are divided into four 15-minute quarters. During a game, the court is divided into three sections, offence, centre and defence, in these sections that are individual positions, three for offence, one for centre and three for defence, dribbling is not allowed and the ball must be passed on within three seconds. During a passage of play, defending players may intercept or defend passes and shots but physical contact is not allowed in any way, this will result in a foul, leading to a penalty. Only players in the offence can score points and shots can only be taken within the shooting circle.

Netball Betting Markets

If you're looking for Netball odds ahead of the biggest Netball competitions such as the Netball World Cup or the Olympic Games, there are a number of betting markets that are available for your use, many of these are similar to the betting markets available in Basketball betting.

Match Result: Place a bet on the winning team in a game, choose if team one or two will win or if the game will end tied after the allotted time period.

Handicap Betting: Looking for the highest Netball odds? You'll likely find them in the Asian Handicap betting market, if you're betting on a tournament like the Netball Superleague and first place are facing last place, it's likely that the team in first will win the game by a substantial margin, you can give a virtual advantage or disadvantage to any team to make the gap smaller and increase the odds of certain teams by using this betting market.

Points: This betting market is similar to most that you will find in online sports betting, you can be on the total number of points in a game, the total by one team or the total in any quarter. You can also bet on the first team to score a point during a game or the winning margin at the end of a game.

Quarter Betting: Looking to place a bet on the first quarter of a game and take the rest from there? Quarter betting allows you to do exactly that, you'll find the betting markets mentioned on this page but they will only apply for a select period of the game. Meaning you'll also have your wager and profit returned by the end of the game if your first quarter bet wins

Betting on Netball Competitions

Netball is massively popular amongst Commonwealth countries, which is demonstrated by the number of leagues available in Netball betting, some of them can be found below, such as:

Netball World Cup: Similar to most sports, the Netball World Cup is the elite event of International Netball, held every four years featuring the greatest teams from each area of the world. The 2023 tournament will be held in South Africa as New Zealand look to retain their crown after narrowly beating England and Australia in gripping matches in 2019.

Vitality Netball Superleague: The top tier of Netball in England is the Vitality Netball Superleague, containing 10 of the best teams in the country, the regular season allows teams to qualify for a play-off which determines the overall champion.

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