Lacrosse Betting

Fast paced, high scoring and a lot of heavy contact describes the thrilling sport of Lacrosse. Those that are unfamiliar with Lacrosse, it is one of the oldest sports in America, originally played by the Indigenous people. However, it is the European influence on the sport that has shaped it into the modern betting format we see today, with Lacrosse betting markets and odds across every game.

Lacrosse Betting Odds

When looking at the best games for Lacrosse betting, it's important to take the odds formats into consideration as the smaller payouts, and build up and expand using knowledge that the average person wouldn't have on a more niche sport such as Lacrosse. Betting odds often vary per market and you may find differing variations of value across our sports betting markets. Check out BetUK's range of markets and odds to see which betting markets are best suited to your betting style and knowledge of the sport.

Major Lacrosse Leagues

When betting on a Lacrosse game, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the different leagues that take place. The biggest competition in Lacrosse is the National Lacrosse League with four founding teams, Philadelphia Wings, Baltimore Thunder, Washington Wave and New Jersey Saints. With teams such as the Calgary Roughnecks and Saskatchewan Rush, betting on the sport has become much more competitive, so be sure to check out a team's form before looking down the Lacrosse lines.

The Premier Lacrosse League may be a newer league than the National League but it has been incredibly popular in the professional Lacrosse leagues. Whipsnakes LC won their first two seasons but Chaos LC and Waterdogs LC have put a stop to their early dominance. If you're a Lacrosse fan, you'll know all the differences between Field Lacrosse set-ups like the Premier Lacrosse League and the College Lacrosse and Box Lacrosse variants.

Lacrosse Betting Markets

There are a wide range of markets that can be bet on at BetUK when looking to place Lacrosse bets. If you're looking to place bets with the best odds on-site, check out our options below.

Points Betting - Bet on the final score, how many points a single team will score and the differences between each team.

Live Betting - Similarly to bets on major sports, it is worth noting you can bet live on Lacrosse with BetUK, with all markets available in-game.

Spread Betting - This is the process of betting on the total number of goals a team will win by. For example, if you're betting on a Rochester Knighthawks game and you're backing them with a -2, you'll only win your bet if Knighthawks win by 2 or more total goals. This is a good bet for backing a favourite against an underdog and is common in sports such as Basketball.

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