Solheim Cup Betting Odds

Team Europe and Team USA clash in the international women's golf tournament that takes place during the month of September. This competition has been around for many years, and it represents some of the highest quality in women's golf.

The Solheim Cup will be played over three days as each team aims to win the most points per day. By the end of the competition, the team with the highest number of points will win. Points are achieved by golfers winning their individual matches.

Matches are played using foursomes and four-ball formats. Foursomes means that two players from team Europe will play against two players from team USA. Throughout the Solheim Cup, there will be a total of eight four-ball matches played. Each golfer plays using their own ball, hence the name "four-ball".

At Bet UK, you will find that our online sports betting markets provide the latest odds for a wide range of events and outcomes that could potentially occur during the competition.

2023 Solheim Cup Betting Odds

Taking place between September 22nd and September 24th, the 2023 Solheim Cup pits USA Vs Europe in Spain's Costa Del Sol. Stacy Lewis captains the USA team, while Suzann Pettersen captains team Europe. There are three non-playing assistant captains on both teams. History suggests that Nelly Korda, Jennifer Kupcho and Angel Yin are the three best players to back for the USA team as they have a win percentage of over 50%. However, on the European team, six players have a win percentage of over 56%. So, history implies that Europe should win comfortably but it will all come down to the rookies.

There are five rookies for USA but with Lilia Vu and Allisen Corpuz expected to shine at the competition as two of USA's top players. However, with Europe's Maja Stark and Linn Grant also expected to perform admirably, backing the rookies could be a fantastic way of finding the best betting odds for this leg of the Ladies European tour.

Who will win the 2023 Solheim Cup?

As it stands the USA are the favourites. However, the betting odds are extremely tight, the odds indicate the result could come down to just one point. However, if you think the tournament will be this close, you can take a look at the options for a tie. Odds for this pre-tournament sit at approximately 12/1. However, as the competition has never been drawn, this seems very unlikely. The United States have the edge historically if we go back to the first ever event as they have won 10/17 tournaments. However, in recent history Europe have won three out of the last four by a small margin. The two teams look evenly matched but the odds are pushed towards a marginal victory for team USA.

Solheim Cup Betting Markets

If you're considering a bet for the Solheim Cup, you have the choice of outright and live betting markets. Outright betting is used to select a bet in advance of an event starting. Live betting provides up-to-date odds for outcomes that can happen during the match.

Which option you choose is based on personal preference, with some preferring the betting options available outright and others opting for live betting as they follow all the action.

Outright Solheim Cup Betting Odds

Before the tournament commences or any of the matches get underway, some of the most common outright selections include:

Tournament winner - There are only two teams included in the Solheim Cup, Team Europe and Team USA. From these two, you can bet outright on who you believe will win the competition.

Foursomes - For each individual match, you can predict which duo will win that individual match-up.

Four-ball - Similar to the foursome matches, you can also find odds for the eight four-ball games played during the Solheim Cup.

Live Solheim Cup Betting Odds

As the tournament develops, you might notice the odds being updated to reflect the events on the green. Live betting options for the Solheim Cup can include:

Correct score - Following a match? Live betting allows you to bet on each hole, enabling you to predict how many strokes they will take to complete it.

Prop bets - There is an extensive range of prop bets that could be available during the Solheim Cup, and you can bet on them during matches. This could include a prediction on which player will make a winning putt.

Solheim Cup History Winners

Since starting in 1990, the Solheim Cup has been contested closely by the teams of golfers from Europe and the USA. Of the two, the USA has been the most successful over the years, but it is certainly close, making it harder to predict who the likely winners will be in the future.

At Lake Lona Golf & Country Club, the first Solheim Cup was played. USA secured the title on their own turf, with Captain Kathy Whitworth leading them to victory. Mickey Walker was the Captain of Team Europe that year, but they would need to wait until Scotland in 1992 to level things up.

Based on the previous competitions, it's clear that Europe has struggled to perform across the pond, with few wins in the USA. This could give you an idea of how they will likely compete when they need to make their next trip to the states.

Solheim Cup Betting FAQs

What are the odds for a draw in the Solheim Cup?

Despite never happening in the history of the competition, it is possible that the Solheim Cup could end in a draw. You'll be able to get a better grasp of whether or not this is a possibility when the tournament takes place but pre-tournament you can find betting odds of approximately 12/1 for a draw.

What are the best Solheim Cup betting tips?

Before you select your first bet, you can apply general betting tips such as research to get a better understanding of the competition.

The betting tips available online will never guarantee a result when betting, as the outcome is ultimately based on chance. Doing your research to find out which side is the strongest and how the format works will help you to find the best odds.

Location can also impact results, with the home side tending to perform better than they do when they go overseas.

What is the best bet for the Solheim Cup?

There is no right answer. Solheim Cup betting has a broad range of bet types, with each of them being decided by chance. Considering that, the best bet for you is based on your preference.

Some bets are more popular than others, with many punters looking at outright odds on which team will win.

Has Europe won the Solheim Cup?

Yes, Europe has won the Solheim Cup. Their first win was achieved in 1992, which was the second edition of the tournament.

Even though they have several titles under their belt, the USA remains the dominant team between the two.

How do odds work for the Solheim Cup?

Odds work the same as most other sports, and they can be viewed as both fractional and decimal odds. If you're unsure how to calculate the payout based on odds, your virtual bet slip will show the potential payout for the bet you select.

Remember, the Solheim Cup lasts only three days, so the odds can frequently change as each match is played.

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