Coppa Italia Odds

Coppa Italia is the domestic cup competition in Italy, consisting of teams from Italy's top 3 leagues. During the first round of the competition, the lower league teams will compete against each other, with the winners progressing into the second round to compete against those in the top division of Italian football.

The Serie A clubs join in at the Round of 16, followed by knockout games in the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and the penultimate final. The Semi-Finals is the only round in the competition that is played across two legs. One game will be played at home, with the other being played away at the opponent's stadium.

Jumping back to the start of the Italian Cup, it does have a rich history, beginning in 1922. In that time, teams such as Juventus and Roma lead the way with the most cup wins.

One of the interesting features for the Coppa Italia winner is that they can wear the Cockade of Italy on their kits for the following season. In addition to that, they will also qualify for the Supercoppa, which is a fixture between the winner of the Coppa Italia and the winner of the league.

You can view all the latest Coppa Italia betting odds via our online sportsbook, including the option to bet outright and in-play.

Betting on the Coppa Italia

If you're considering the betting options for the Coppa Italia, you can view some of the most popular outright and in-play options below.

Coppa Italia Outright Odds

Outright Coppa Italia betting allows you to bet ahead of the competition, including predictions on who you believe will win the tournament. You can also make predictions ahead of the individual games at each stage in the competition.

Coppa Italia Winner - Place a bet on the team that you believe will win Coppa Italia.

Handicap Betting - This form of betting is often used when you have a strong favourite matching up against an underdog. For example, if one of the top division sides is drawn against a Serie B team, a handicap bet can improve the odds of the favourite winning.

Over/Under - Applying to the individual games throughout Coppa Italia, you can predict whether you believe there will be over or under a certain amount of goals. This can also be used for correctly predicting how many corners or cards there will be in a game.

Top goalscorer - Predict which player you believe will get the most goals in Coppa Italia.

Coppa Italia In-Play Odds

In-play betting can be more specific, offering opportunities to bet on key events within each game. Some of the most popular selections include:

Individual players - For each player participating in Coppa Italia games, you can bet on specific events involving them. This includes the next player to score a goal, be carded or even make an assist.

Match result - Even when a game has started in Coppa Italia, you can bet on what you believe the correct score or result will be at full-time. This is a popular option amongst punters as it allows them to see how the game is developing before deciding which bets to place. It is worth noting that the odds will be updated to reflect the in-game events.

These betting markets are similar to what you may find for the Serie A, so if you're looking for more markets for Italian football, check out our Italian Serie A betting odds

Coppa Italia Betting FAQs

What are the best Coppa Italia betting tips?

Before you start browsing the latest Coppa Italia odds, researching the history and recent results can give you a better understanding of how the tournament could play out.

Discover who the most successful clubs are to get an idea of who is likely to be challenging for the cup. Make sure to view the form of the clubs in recent seasons to learn more about their current success, as some teams can lose their form as they come under new management. Just because Juventus have a strong history in the competition and Italian football, it doesn't mean they will always be a favourite for coming seasons.

Over the course of the season, you can follow the performances of each team and the players, potentially showing which teams are looking the strongest. Live scores are important to consider before placing an in-play bet, especially when a game looks open.

Has a Serie B team ever won Coppa Italia?

In the tournament's history, two lower-league teams have successfully won the Coppa Italia. These include Vado (1922) and Napoli (1962).

When does Coppa Italia take place?

Coppa Italia gets underway at the start of the season, with the first games being scheduled for the start of August. Each round is played over the course of the season, with the final being decided in May.

Throughout each round, you can find all the relevant odds for Coppa Italia betting, allowing you to bet on each match and key events.

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