Starcraft Betting Odds

When looking at the best betting odds for eSports, the game Starcraft regularly comes up for those looking to bet on an outright winner for Starcraft tournaments and match betting. For this game, you'll be able to find competitive odds for every tournament, where you'll be able to find the most betting markets is in our Starcraft II betting markets. However, the original game still holds a place in eSports markets around the world.

Starcraft Betting Strategies

Over 500,000 teams still exist and fight for prize pools in the world of Starcraft, despite the game being older in-comparison to a large number of newer games available. With the biggest teams participating in the likes of the World Cyber Games and the National Electronic Sports Open in Starcraft II, eSports events like this are the most popular tournaments for betting and Starcraft sits at the forefront of that.

So, how does this impact strategies? Well, similar to all areas of sports betting, we recommend looking in-depth into the game.

To start off, we recommend looking at live betting when you look to bet on Starcraft for the first time, this way you'll find competitive Starcraft II odds alongside the play-by-play odds updates.

Secondly, there is quite a high skill-gap between the best and the worst teams in major tournaments, for matches which sit as a best of three, a correct map score of 3-0, can be an exceptionally popular market. If correct score isn't what you're looking for handicap betting markets could also be popular due to this.

Thirdly, check out the player specific betting markets for the game, you'll find in a best-of-three contest, certain players who aren't the star player of a team can shine and lead their team to victory. Similar with most major sports, form can provide unique insights into the various betting markets.

Starcraft Betting Markets

When online betting, a game is only as popular as it's betting markets and Starcraft 2 betting is one of the most popular forms in eSports. With the World Championship series sitting as the major event in the sport. For Starcraft 2 betting, you'll be able to find the following betting markets.

  • Match Winner (Moneyline): This is the simplest and most common type of bet. You pick the winner of a particular match or series.
  • Map Winner: You bet on the team/player who will win a specific map within a match.
  • Handicap (Spread): Handicap bets involve giving an advantage or disadvantage to one of the teams/players to even the odds.
  • Total Maps Over/Under: You bet on whether the total number of maps played in a match will be over or under a certain number.
  • First Blood: This bet is about predicting which team/player will get the first kill or point in a match.
  • Tournament Outright Winner: You predict the winner of an entire tournament.
  • Map/Match Duration: Betting on whether a match will be longer or shorter than a certain duration, this often depends on the game mode selected.
  • Race/Player-Specific Bets: Some platforms might offer bets specific to certain players or races.

Similar to most forms of eSports betting, you'll be able to find in-play and outright Starcraft II betting odds at the click of a button.

Biggest Starcraft 2 Events for Betting

Global StarCraft II League - Held in South Korea, consists of multiple seasons as players look to win the championship.

World Championship Series - Organised by Blizzard Entertainment, regional qualifiers lead to global finals.

IEM (Intel Extreme Masters): IEM is a global tournament series that has Starcraft II as one of the top titles.

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