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Since the release of the game in 2015, Rocket League has become a popular selection within the world of professional esports. The game displays a great level of skill among players, and we have become familiar with witnessing some eye-opening plays on the virtual pitch.

For each of the tournaments taking place, you can find the latest betting markets to make your predictions on the outcomes of each Rocket League esports team.

Rules of Rocket League

If you’re familiar with the concept of football, this game is reasonably straightforward.

Rocket League consists of two teams (which can vary in size) that go head-to-head to score the most goals and beat their opponents. However, in Rocket League, it's not players attacking the ball; it's super-charged racing cars. This makes for an interesting angle, as well as highly skilled gameplay within professional competitions.

Betting Odds on Rocket League

When it comes to Rocket League Esports betting, the options are fairly straightforward, as much of the popular betting odds are centred around outright bet types.

This includes outright bets on who you think will win certain matches, as well as the esports team you believe will win the tournament they are participating in.

Rocket League Betting Markets

When it comes to betting on Rocket League, many of the popular betting options are outright, which include bets such as:

Match Result - Predict who will win the upcoming match

Over/Under - Guess whether the score will be over/under a set amount of goals

Handicap - If there is a clear underdog or favourite, handicap betting can be used to improve the odds when betting on the favourite

Outright Winners - Correctly predict which team will win the selected tournament

The above Rocket League bets provide you with a variety of outright options, but you can also find in-play odds if you want to make predictions whilst the action is unfolding.

How to Bet On Rocket League

Betting on Rocket League is not much different from any other esports or traditional sports betting. The only notable difference is the number of tournaments you have available, with some crossing over each other.

A Rocket League match is short, which is why there is a high frequency in the number of matches and tournaments played. It also means that in-play betting can be more limited as the events unfold quickly.

Rocket League Tournaments to Bet On

Throughout the year, there is a series of Rocket League events you can bet on when browsing the markets. However, of these, there are some main events that are worth keeping an eye out for if you’re considering a bet on Rocket League.

This includes the Rocket League Championship Series and the Rocket League World Championship. These are the two tournaments that competitive esports Rocket League players strive for as they perform throughout the year for the prize pools.

Aside from these major tournaments, smaller events are also common, which means there is a range of events to pick from.

Bet on Rocket League Matches

Browse the latest odds for the competitions currently running in Rocket League via our online sportsbook.

Rocket League odds are updated throughout each tournament or season, with recent results and form determining the likelihood of certain outcomes occurring.

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