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Since 2001, FIFA players around the world have had the opportunity to play the video game with others online. Of course, back in these days it was only accessible to those playing on PC and playing FIFA online would only become popular after the release of FIFA 2009 which introduced the game mode Ultimate Team and revolutionised the online gaming industry. Since then, billions of matches have been played on the game and it comes as no surprise that FIFA has broken into the world of eSports with hundreds of tournaments played across the year and where you find competitive eSports, you find competitive eSports betting odds.

BetUK is the best place to find and follow the biggest FIFA eSports tournaments, teams and players from around the world and we also have hundreds of betting markets to play with, whether you're looking for games or tournaments we have the best FIFA betting odds, so when looking for FIFA eSports betting sites, look no further than BetUK.

FIFA betting on global eSports tournaments such as the FIFAe World Cup and the FIFA Global Series is hugely popular at Bet UK. This isn’t a surprise when you consider the FIFA computer game has eight million monthly active users in the UK alone.

But how do you bet on FIFA? In our latest guide, we take you through the basics of FIFA eSports betting, from the best tournaments to wager on, to the top FIFA bet for newcomers. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to bet more confidently on FIFA eSports in the future…

FIFA eSports Odds

The FIFA game prides itself on aiming to be as close to a real-life football game as possible, which means that when it comes to betting on FIFA, FIFA betting isn't all that different from betting on a genuine football match. Players around the world come together at major tournaments to play the game and uncover who the greatest FIFA players are. For these matches, you can bet on individual games or the entire tournament and the possibilities in these FIFA bets are endless. One of the biggest tournaments are the professional football leagues with the virtual Bundesliga, virtual Premier League and more.

FIFA eSports betting markets

Betting on FIFA is pretty much identical to betting on football, only there a few less betting markets and the games are over a lot quicker. As a football tournament takes months to conclude, FIFA tournaments can finish in one day. This means that FIFA betting is easier to keep track of but you can lose your bet very quickly, meaning you have less time to place your bets than you would with other games.

In regards to the actual betting markets, you can bet on the match winner, the first player to score, the goalscorer and handicap betting and there are alternative betting markets depending on which of the FIFA betting sites you choose, at BetUK, we have one of the widest ranges of markets available for FIFA betting.

Best FIFA tournaments to bet on

Let’s start with the top FIFA eSports tournaments to bet on. There are scores of tournaments taking place each season, and here are some of the best ones…

  • FIFA Global Series – EA Sports' flagship series, this effectively marks the road to the FIFAe World Cup. Players from around the world compete in localised series and earn points.
  • FIFA Global Series Playoffs – Here, the top 64 players compete in a new mid-season tournament for a $300,000 prize pot. Twenty-four of these players will go straight to the FIFAe World Cup.
  • FIFAe World Cup – This is the premier eSports FIFA tournament and the one everyone wants to win. It's not easy – the very best players compete in the FIFAe World Cup, which is held every summer.
  • EA SPORTS Cup – This is a new venture that pits teams against each other. SPQR Brasil, EXCEL and MGCF are just three of the teams competing in 2023.

Top eSports FIFA teams

FIFA eSports teams can be made up of scores of players, but only two compete per tournament. They compete together or individually, depending on the format. These are exceptionally talented players, and bettors often place wagers based on their skills, rather than the club they're playing in the game.

Below are some of the top FIFAe teams competing in the Global Series this year:

  • Complexity Gaming
  • RBLZ Gaming
  • Blue United eFC
  • Mkers
  • Riders
  • Team Falcons

What are the best bets for FIFA?

The best bet for FIFA games in our opinion is the total goals market, from previous games, you can tell if a player focuses on offence or defence and it's very rare that they'll switch it up. FIFA betting markets will reflect this in the odds but when it comes to the biggest FIFA esports tournament where all the best players are playing for a gigantic prize, you should have a rough idea of how the game is going to go and how each player plays the game by EA Sports.

How can I bet on FIFA?

Betting on FIFA couldn't be easier, all players need is a BetUK account and they'll be able to place a bet on FIFA games. To find FIFA eSports betting, use the search bar in our sportsbook to find FIFA eSports events and click on an individual game to find the betting markets for that game. Alternatively, click outright to find winners of tournaments such as the FIFA eWorld Cup.

FIFA Betting Tips

Looking to bet on FIFA? We have a number of tips to do this below.

Follow Teams - The best way to keep up to date with eSports FIFA betting is to be in the loop of individual football teams. For example, with the ePremier League, there is a table full of stats available to help you choose your bet and if you stick to one team, you'll have a good idea of how they play.

Don't stick to 1 betting market - Sticking to one betting market puts you at a disadvantage as you're not tailoring your bets to the individual game. FIFA matches can change in seconds and you'll find the best eSports odds for games across multiple markets, rather than just one.

Use the resources available - If you look up FIFA eSports, there is a multitude of statistics available to you, this includes players, their favourite team, who they perform best with and what players they have scored the most goals with, if you have this data, you can use it to place more informed bets on FIFA eSports matches.

So, you know about some of the teams competing in the biggest events, and which events are worth following. But what type of bets should you actually be placing? Just like football betting, there are plenty of FIFA eSports bet options. However, our sportsbook is scaled down to focus on just a handful of top outcomes.

Here are the most popular wagers, and tips on why and when to place these bets:

Match bet – The most common bet type in football and eSports football betting, the match bet is where you bet on a Home Win (1), Draw (X) or Away Win (2). It’s perfect for newcomers to FIFA betting who aren’t fully versed in the intricacies of this game.

Correct score – You can bet on correct score at FIFA eSports tournaments, and test your knowledge of this game. However, it’s a tricky bet to place because scores can vary wildly in eSports.

Total goals – This is probably the best FIFA bet. Here, you bet on the number of goals scored in a game. A team scored on average between three and four goals a game, which means you’re looking at roughly seven each match. Bet above or below 7.5 total goals for a decent wager.

Remember, when it comes to betting on FIFA eSports always do your research beforehand. Some teams have scores of players, so it’s worth looking at whose hands are actually on the handsets before you place your bet. You can usually live stream FIFA eSports, which is another great way of maximising your knowledge of the teams and players. From here, you can place smarter wagers and improve your chances of winning bets.

eSports FIFA FAQs

What is FIFA betting?

FIFA betting involves placing wagers on eSports teams that are competing in official FIFAe tournaments. You can bet on outcomes such as match winner, tournament winner, correct score and total goals.

How to bet on FIFA?

You can bet on FIFA at Bet UK by signing up for an account today, and checking out our sportsbook. We offer FIFA eSports betting odds on the biggest tournaments of the season.

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