Cycling Betting Odds

When it comes to the sport of Cycling, betting isn't quite as ingrained with the sport as you might find with the Premier league in English Football. However, for many people Cycling is amongst their favourite sports and is a keen hobby, on some occasions, you'll be able to bet on your favourite races and events across the Cycling calendar, such as the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France, Cycling odds for these events go live close to the event, so check out our cycling page the week before an event to see what markets are live for each race.

Cycling Betting Markets

There are a number of betting markets that are available to for players to utilise when placing a bet on events such as the Tour de France and the Vuelta de España. They are:

Outright Winner: The process on betting on the Cyclist that you believe is best suited to win a race, a stage or an entire tour. Odds will likely different depending on which stage you bet on.

Stage Winner: Alongside backing an outright winner, sometimes you'll see the terminology of stage winner, this isn't betting on the winner of the entire race, just a specific stage of a race. For example as the Vuelta de España has 21 stages, you could find 21 different winners for the event on a stage-by-stage basis.

Podium Finish: Similarly to athletics betting, finding the best odds for podium bets could be the best way to make a profit from your bets. This might not be the 2/1 favourite who wears the yellow jersey at the end of the Tour de France but it could be the 50/1 outsider who has the race of their life, narrowly falling short of the favourite, podium betting means that you receive a payout regardless in this regard. Similar to each way betting in racing markets.

Points Classification: A secondary competition at the Tour de France is the points classification competition. This allows you to bet on the cyclist who you believe will have the most points at the end of the competition, primarily these bets work best with cyclists who have quality in sprints and stages but are perhaps less consistent than the favourites.

Tips for Cycling Betting

If you're looking to place a bet on Cycling in the modern day, then there are a number of tips that we have for you to do before you place any bets.

Firstly, bettors must understand the different variations of bet available to them, Cycling offers a wide range of markets, such as outright winner, stage betting, podium finishes, head-to-head racing and even time-based markets. Before you bet, familiarise yourself with all bet types to find the one that truly gives you the best odds.

Another tip is something that we recommend with all of your bets, research the riders and the teams before the event. Similar to Formula One betting some riders will have tracks that simply suit them and it will allow them to bypass form and perform above and beyond when it comes to the race. Do certain riders perform better in harsher conditions? Who performs well on a certain course? All of these elements can alter a betting experience.

Our final tip is to consider live betting options when it comes to Cycling betting, the start of a race can change the whole complexion of a race within seconds. We recommend for big races, waiting 5-10 minutes before placing a bet, this will significantly lower the odds of Cyclists at the front of the field but it will give you a better indication of who may win the race.

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