Bandy Betting Odds

What is Bandy?

Bandy is a sport most commonly known in Scandinavian countries and others in Western Europe. However, it may come as a surprise to many to find out that Bandy was first played in the United Kingdom in 1882. The game is a winter sport played by two teams on a field of ice, similar to Ice Hockey; however, the main difference is that the game is played on a field the size of a football pitch. Similar to football, eleven players can take the field at any one point and the tactical side of the game is very similar to football as players aim to score a goal, the offside rule exists and players are division positions on the rink to play. There are forwards who are the best players are scoring points, defenders who put their bodies on the line to prevent points being scored and midfielders who will look to break down defences and give their attackers the best chance of scoring.

Who are the best nations to bet on at Bandy?

At the moment, Sweden and Russia tend to dominate Bandy internationals. Unfortunately, due to political reasons, the Russian team have been denied entry into competitions in recent years. However, you have to go back to 2004 to find a nation other than Sweden or Russia who won the Bandy World Championship. Division A of the World Championships consist of: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Kazakhstan and the United States. In the division, scores would regularly hit the heights of teams scoring double figures during victory. For example, in 2023, when Sweden took on Norway, they won the game 16-2. Sweden would go on to win the tournament while Norway would still manage to finish a respectable third. In the next tournament, these teams will be joined by Hungary who won Division B defeating Germany in the final. If you're looking to bet on Bandy, our most popular option is the over/under bet type as games are usually very easy to predict.

Medal Table for Bandy

RankNationGoldTotal Medals
1Soviet Union1417

Best Bandy Betting Markets

Bandy betting markets are very similar to that of football betting due to the similarities between the two games. These are some of the most popular betting markets for the sport of Bandy.

Outright winner

When looking at tournaments such as the FIB World Championship, the best Bandy odds will likely be for Sweden to win the competition until Russia are allowed back in the competitions as those two nations are the only nations with competitive Bandy leagues, making sports betting involving those two nations easier to predict. However, Bandy odds for the outright winner will change throughout a tournament or league, if Sweden are shockingly eliminated from a tournament, then many will end up taking advantage by backing one of the outsiders like a Norway or Finland. There was also a Bandy World Cup which was predominantly won by Swedish or Russian teams, this was stopped in 2020 following health and safety fears.


There are a number of betting options when looking at goals scored, whether you're looking at the timing of the next goal, players to score it or even the correct score of an event. When looking at Bandy for online sports betting, we recommend looking at total goals or the over/under category for games. For teams at the pinnacle of Bandy, we recommend looking at the total number of goals scored in a match by one team, these bets can offer the best odds for those looking for higher payouts.

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