Single Bet Guide & Calculator

Single bets are without a doubt the simplest bets to calculate as there is only one bet that players need to watch out for. If this bet is something like 2/1 or 5/1, it is incredibly easy to work out. However, if it is 49/20 etc; it can still be a little confusing which is why you can find our online betting calculator below.


A single bet is a bet type that involves one bet and one bet selection, this means that there is only one calculation that needs to be made in regards to the bet calculator. This bet could be either an outright or a live bet that can be used at any time. For example, if you wished to put a bet on Manchester City to win the Champions League this would be a single bet but if you placed a bet on the Champions League final for Man City to win and Riyad Mahrez to score, that would be a double bet.

Single bets are most common in Horse Racing where high odds are placed on each race. If you're placing bets on a horse with odds of 5/1, it is more beneficial to place a single bet rather than a double bet.

Can I use my Bet UK Free bets on a single bet?

Yes! Although, it may be slightly harder to win the bet as the odds have to be over 1.5 in order to qualify for the free bets. Ultimately, any bet that has concluded with a £10 stake and odds of over 1.5 will qualify - providing your a new customer at Bet UK.

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