Roulette Strategy

Roulette is one of the most popular online casino and live casino games played around the world, as well as here at Bet UK online casino. We suggest you read this article before you spin the wheel to get a few tips, tricks and different strategies to try out so that there’s more method than madness when you play roulette at Bet UK.

Search online for the best roulette strategy and you will find more than a dozen different recommendations. The question is, does any one strategy stand out as being measurably better than all the rest? No. While there have been endless articles written about the advantages of one betting strategy as compared to all others, the one thing that maintains a level playing field across all roulette strategies is the principle of luck.

Every roulette strategy out there has its strengths and weaknesses. The good thing is that when you employ a particular strategy, you are thinking about what you are doing rather than randomly placing bets. Playing thoughtfully tends to lead to a better outcome for you.

Below are some of the most well-known roulette strategies. You would be wise to at least make yourself familiar with them. As a regular roulette player, you need to be able to employ some form of thoughtful strategy when you play roulette at Bet UK online casino

What Type of Roulette Should I Play?

Before you play roulette, you have to know the different types there are out there. As you might know, there are quite a few variations of roulette available to play here at Bet UK online casino. Adaptations like Key Bet roulette, Monopoly roulette and others are available to play at our online casino as well as the classic roulette.

Whatever type of roulette you decide to play, you should always have a demo play beforehand to get used to it and know what you’re actually doing. Fortunately for you, Bet UK online casino offers you the advantage of playing for free to try the game before you play with real money!

What Roulette Strategy Should I Use?

It all depends on YOUR playing style you might play the classic safestyle like Tony Pulis or all out attack like Jurgen Klopp! You must forge your own style and Bet UK is the place to be. There’s few ways to play roulette - conservatively, radically or in the middle. You can either fill the board and earn small but frequent payouts, or you can place a limited number of units and hope for a big payout! Luckily for you, we at Bet UK have compiled three of the most popular roulette strategies that you can try for online casino now.


Roulette Strategy

The Martingale System

The Martingale Strategy is for those with deep pockets, as for every loss you suffer you double the bet amount. For example, if you have £10 on the ball landing on any Red number and it lands on a Black number, you will then double the bet amount to £20 on Red for the next spin. Now, we at Bet UK recommend the colour method as it is a 1:1 payout with a 50% probability. However, if you want a bigger risk you might want to try betting on a selection of numbers (such as 25-36), as this will bring a big 2:1 payout!

The Martingale strategy can be applied to any aspect of roulette that you want. If you’re the type of online casino player that only bets on your lucky number, this system can be applied but a much smaller scale. A general rule of thumb would be that the bigger the risk, the smaller the initial stake.

Reverse Martingale

This strategy is similar to the Martingale. It suggests starting with the smallest possible wager on an even bet, doubling your bets after every win. With each loss you revert to your starting bet to begin the cycle over again. This is considered a safer way to play roulette compared to the regular Martingale.

The Fibonacci Sequence

You thought you had escaped year 6 maths, didn’t you? Well, the Fibonacci sequence is back and this time it actually serves a purpose! For those of you that don’t quite remember, the Fibonacci sequence is a theory in which you start with one and add the two previous numbers together. For example, 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 2 = 3 and so on. This will continue until you reach 610. So, how does this sequence introduce itself into roulette? It’s all to do with the amount of units you bet with each spin. If you bet 1 unit on your first spin and lose, then you will bet 1 unit again on your next bet. If you lose that spin, you will then bet 2 units and so on, carrying on the sequence until you get a win. Now, this strategy is similar to the Martingale mentioned above, however is a bit more conservative as the bets don’t increase as rapid. So again, let’s put this method into practice with another realistic example when betting on the same selection of numbers used in the previous example (25-36);

Bet 1 unit and lose
Bet 1 unit and lose (2 units lost in total)
Bet 2 units and lose (4 units lost in total)
Bet 3 units and lose (7 units lost in total)
Bet 5 units and lose (12 units lost in total)
Bet 8 units and win, awarding you with 24 units!
After 5 losses and the original stake, a £4 profit has still been made!

Obviously, for those with deeper pockets and wanting bigger challenges, you can start at any number within the sequence, for instance 8 or 13 units and then increase the bet units. So take your tactics over to Bet UK online casino now.

Paroli System

The two strategies above are both about increasing the bet when you lose, however the Paroli system is about increasing the bet when you win! Have you ever had a winning streak but decided not to increase the bet level? Make the most of your winning streaks with the Paroli system and bet on a flurry of wins! This system is made for those who don’t want to have a potentially sweaty session playing with the Martingale or Paroli systems; losing more money on each losing spin and praying for a win. Instead, the Paroli system offers you a way to play in which if your luck’s up, it’s REALLY up! On the other hand, if things aren’t going your way on the wheel it’s okay as your losses are minimised.
It’s also best to remember your mother's wise words of “Don’t push your luck”. All good things do have to come to an end, so stop yourself before your luck runs out.


This strategy was invented by a French gambler based on his understanding of genuine randomness he might not be well-versed with online casino but he certainly knew his stuff.. The system suggests starting with the smallest amount possible, let's say £5 for example, then considering this base amount a single unit. Beginning with an even bet, you wager one unit. If you win the next spin, you keep your wager at one unit and spin again. If you lose that bet, you add a single unit. From the point of your first loss forward, you add one unit for every loss and subtract one unit for every win.

Oscar's Grind

This system relies on small, primarily outside bets with the goal of accumulating multiple small wins instead of hoping for a single big win. It dictates staying with a small wager as long as you continue to win, only doubling your wager after a loss. Regaining what was lost in subsequent spins would dictate returning to the lesser amount.

There are plenty of other roulette strategies not mentioned here. All of them have the same goal in common: limiting your losses while giving you an edge over the house. It is good to know a variety strategies and to adopt one as your own, but remember that each strategy has its strengths and weaknesses.

What Is The Best Roulette Strategy?

There is no “best” strategy, it’s really just up to you and how you want to play roulette! If you’re a risk taker then the Martingale system is probably the one for you. If you want to be a bit more strategic you can try the Fibonacci and see if that brings you a sequence of winnings, or you can ride the wave of good fortune and play the Paroli way! Indeed, there are other systems and techniques out there that you might find more fitting, but we at Bet UK think the strategies above suit every playing style and are used by my many players at roulette wheels across the world! There are plenty of other roulette strategies not mentioned here. All of them have the same goal in common: limiting your losses while giving you an edge over the house. It is good to know a variety strategies and to adopt one as your own, but remember that each strategy has its strengths and weaknesses.

What Now?

Pick the game that appeals to you most, choose your strategy from above and spin the roulette wheel! Please remember to gamble responsibly and only spend what you can afford. Our online casino wish you the best of luck, and if you’re currently not a member of Bet UK you will get £5 free when you join our online casino today!

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