PDC Darts At Home Betting Guide

PDC Home Tour Betting Guide

In a time where we are deprived of live sport, the PDC has put together the Home Tour to kick off 32 consecutive nights of darts. In the first 4 groups to be announced, Gerwyn Price and Peter Wright are the standout names, but we can expect the world’s greatest players to all be involved at some point. You can bet on all of the Home Tour matches over at Bet UK’s online betting, with darts betting markets available both pre match and in play.

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How Will The Home Tour Work?

Players will be drawn into 32 different groups, each containing 4 players. Each group will play their games in their entirety each night, starting from Friday 17th April. For a win, each player will be awarded 2 points. Whoever ends the night with the most points, will win the group and move into the final knockout rounds. Every player will play from the comfort of their own home, with darts commentator Dan Dawson commentating throughout the competitions. That means there is at least 32 nights of live darts to look forward to, before we even reach the knockouts.

Tournament Rules

Matches are the best of nine legs

Player listed on the left will throw first

Two points are awarded for a win

Leg difference, results between players and overall average will be used to decide any tiebreaks.

Where Can I Watch The PDC Home Tour?

You can watch the PDC Home Tour for free, live on PDCTV. Simply make an account, and even without paying the monthly subscription, you’ll be able to tune in. Each night follows the same schedule, with the first match starting at 19:30 and the final match beginning at 21:35.

PDC Home Tour - Group 28

As we come to the end of the group stage in the PDC Home Tour, we are starting to see some big names come up. We still have Gerwyn Price, Gary Anderson and others left to play and tonight, it's Michael Smith. The world number 5 enters in Group 28 and will be expecting a simple win. A few players are getting a second chance at this point aswell, after being forced to pull out due to internet issues.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Michael Smith 5 £1,714,685
Luke Humphries 34 £216,015
Andy Boulton 68 £143,765
Mike van Duivenbode 97 £18,655

PDC Home Tour Fixtures and Betting Odds

Wednesday 13th May

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Michael Smith (5/19) Mike van Duivenbode (47/20) Bet Here
20:00 Luke Humphries (10/19) Andy Boulton (27/20) Bet Here
20:30 Mike van Duivenbode (20/21) Andy Boulton (20/27) Bet Here
21:00 Michael Smith (20/39) Luke Humphries (27/20) Bet Here
21:30 Luke Humphries (1/2) Mike van Duivenbode (7/5) Bet Here
22:00 Andy Boulton (43/20) Michael Smith (3/10) Bet Here

Previous PDC Home Tour Groups

PDC Home Tour - Group 1

The obvious favourite in the first group is Peter Wright, who is the current PDC World Champion. Snakebite should easily advance to the knockout stage as he faces 3 opponents who all rank outside of the top 50 in the PDC World Rankings. Jamie Lewis looks to be the only other player who can realistically challenge Wright, but anything other than a Snakebite win would be a huge shock here.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Peter Wright 2 £3,432,888
Jamie Lewis 60 £390,732
Niels Zonneveld 81 £21,910
Peter Jacques 120 £61,150

PDC Home Tour - Group 2

Similarly to Group 1, Group 2 is dominated by one of the worlds best players - Gerwyn Price. Price was defeated in the semi finals of the 2020 World Championships, falling to eventual champion Peter Wright. There is limited competition for Price in the group, although with 3 players who are closely ranked, the most entertaining matches might not actually include Gerwyn Price.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Gerwyn Price 3 £1,477,803
Luke Woodhouse 58 £85,825
Ted Evetts 66 £154,675
Rowby-John Rodriguez 70 £255,561

PDC Home Tour - Group 3

Dave Chinsall might not be the most successful darts player on the circuit at the moment, but he will be expecting to advance from his group. Chisnall faces Jan Dekker at 20:45 on Sunday 19th, in what is set to be the closest game in this group. Scott Waites and Jonathan Worsley might make a late run and shock some viewers, but Chisnall can look forward to a simple route to the knockouts.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Dave Chisnall 11 £1,944,165
Jan Dekker 59 £272,698
Jonathan Worsley 90 £31,450
Scott Waites 100 £679,796

PDC Home Tour - Group 4

Group 4 is by far the most open of the initial rounds. Ross Smith is the only player inside the top 50 players in the world so there is a guaranteed chance of an outsider making their way to the knockout stages. Lisa Ashton becomes the first woman to enter the Home Tour tournament, but is also the lowest rank participant so far. Ross Smith and Michael Mansell play at 20:45, in what could be the deciding fixture in this group.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Ross Smith 47 £176,340
Michael Mansell 53 £211,823
Geert Nentjes 71 £52,250
Lisa Ashton 125 £150,204

PDC Home Tour - Group 5

Group 5 brings us another wide open group, with no real stand out talent. Luke Humphries is the 11/10 favourite, but outsider Joe Murnan is only priced at 5/1, so there is real potential for anyone to advance here. Humphries faces his toughest test in Devon Petersen at 21:00, before finishing his route out of the group against Murnan.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Luke Humphries 34 £216,015
Devon Petersen 54 £222,784
Joe Murnan 72 £163,155
Nicky Kenny 106 £44,476

PDC Home Tour - Group 6

Group 6 sees a more familar name return to the PDC Home Tour, as world number 9 James Wade looks to advance from his group. On the surface, this should be an easy win for an experienced player like Wade. At 6/5, Wade is the favourite, but the odds suggest it isn't as straightforward as it could be. Ryan Searle is close behind at 7/4, with Andy Boulton (9/2) and Adrian Grey (11/2) closing out the betting.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
James Wade 9 £3,427,643
Ryan Searle 42 £168,100
Andy Boulton 68 £143,765
Adrian Gray 83 £130,784

#'## PDC Home Tour - Group 7

Group 7 is one of the weakest groups we have seen so far, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be tuning in on Thursday night. Gabriel Clemens is the highest ranked of tonight's players, but he is still only ranked 38th. Considering we've seen the likes of Peter Wright take part so far, Clemens won't face as any a task. Still, Clemens is the 5/4 favourite to win Group 7, with Klassen close behind at 7/4. Gavin Carlin and Ryan Meikle will both be lucky to advance and will take solace in claiming a single win in the group.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Gabriel Clemens 38 £168,866
Jelle Klassen 48 £1,006,796
Gavin Carlin 74 £18,900
Ryan Meikle 117 £99,350

PDC Home Tour - Group 8

Jonny Clayton might not be the most exciting name taking part in the PDC Home Tour, but he should easily advance in Group 8. Clayton will be grateful for his draw that pits him against 2 complete outsiders, as well as as number 57 ranked Richard North. Unsurprisngly, Clayton is a 6/5 favourite to win Group 8 and this should be a formality for him.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Jonny Clayton 15 £509,550
Richard North 57 £142,955
David Pallett 87 £135,118
Adam Hunt 111 £106,225

PDC Home Tour - Group 11

We are back with the elite of the darts world as Simon Whitlock enters the PDC Home Tour for the first time in Group 11. The Australian thrower is 4/5 favourite in a group with 3 big outsiders. Mike van Duivenbode, Kirk Shepherd and Alan Tabern will likely all be beaten by Whitlock and end up fighting amongst themselves for second place in the group.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Simon Whitlock 14 £2,122,499
Mike van Duivenbode 77 £127,887
Kirk Shepherd 78 £191,915
Alan Tabern 98 £441,150

PDC Home Tour - Group 12

After Simon Whitlock surprisingly finished bottom of Group 11, we move onto Group 12 tonight. Group 12 is another wide open group without an instantly recognisable name in the lineup. Max Hopp is the 8/5 favourite, but even outsider Conan Whitehead is only priced at 33/10. Max Hopp and Keegan Brown face off at 9:00pm, in what is likely to be the deciding fixture in this group.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Max Hopp 24 £437,648
Keegan Brown 30 £375,850
Conan Whitehead 75 £50,069
Mike de Decker 102 £82,482

PDC Home Tour - Group 13

After Keegan Brown was eliminated due to connectivity issues in Group 12, we are all hoping for a smoother night in Gropu 13. Steve Beaton is the favourite in terms of ranking and should have an easy ride to the knockouts in a group without any major names. Callan Rydz is a big outsider in Group 13, with the Geordie player one of only a few players to rank outside the top 100 so far in the Home Tour.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Steve Beaton 25 £1,097,555
Matthew Edgar 63 £115,317
Carl Wilkinson 89 £13,707
Callan Rydz 123 £46,800

PDC Home Tour - Group 14

Chris Dobey will be hoping to be the next big name through to the knockout rounds as he faces off against Group 14. Ron Meulenkamp will be the main opponent for Dobey, who's an early favourite in the betting. Kai Fan Leung and Ciaran Teehan shouldn't cause a problem to either of the two front runners.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Chris Dobey 20 £379,500
Ron Meulenkamp 49 £203,514
Kai Fan Leung 101 £16,016
Ciaran Teehan 115 £29,196

PDC Home Tour - Group 15

As we get deeper into the PDC Home Tour, the names become less and less familiar to the average darts fan. Darren Webster will be thankful that he has been drawn in a group with 3 of those lesser names. Webster is odds on to win in all of his ties and it will be a shock to everyone if he isn't one of the 32 players in the knockout rounds.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Darren Webster 27 £612,026
Scott Baker 73 £35,095
Andy Hamilton 105 £1,087,788
Bradley Brooks 122 £31,910

PDC Home Tour - Group 16

Similarly to Darren Webster in Group 14, Ricky Evans is a top 30 player coming up against 3 players that he should easily win. Evans is again odds on to win all 3 of his ties in Group 15 and will be expecting an easy route to the knockouts. His final tie agaisnt Jeff Smith at 22:00 will be the toughest of his matches, so that's definitely one to watch out for.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Ricky Evans 29 £330,522
Christian Bunse 80 £28,900
Jeff Smith 92 £119,511
Martin Atkins 103 £17,307

PDC Home Tour - Group 21

Former World Champion Rob Cross will be expecting to make his way out of Group 21, although he could have been drawn in any easier group. Looking at some of the previous groups, Cross won't be thankful to be drawn against Dmitri van den Bergh. Van den Bergh is currently ranked 28th in the world and will provide the toughest challenge for Cross. Their game at 21:00 will be the one to watch in Group 21.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Rob Cross 4 £1,604,600
Dimitri van den Bergh 28 £439,304
William Borland 104 £16,465
Karel Sedlacek 110 £34,770

PDC Home Tour - Group 22

Group 22 might not feature any huge names, but it could end up being one of the most competitive that we have seen so far in the Home Tour. 3 players all within the top 40 can rightfully stake their claim as the top player in the group. Jesus Noguera is the rank outsider in this one, but if he can cause one upset then he could change the course of the whole group.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Ian White 10 £1,219,058
Danny Noppert 26 £321,235
James Wilson 39 £379,403
Jesus Noguera 130 £13,405

PDC Home Tour - Group 23

After Group 21 and 22 show plenty of promise, Group 23 looks doesn't feature any show stopping names. There's no stars in the group, but that does mean we could see some shocks in the group. Even 121st ranked Daniel Larsson can't completely count himself out of this group. Whatever the result, we will see another outside name in the Home Tour knockout rounds.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Kyle Anderson 45 £513,176
Martin Schindler 51 £178,964
Dirk van Duijvenbode 77 £127,887
Daniel Larsson 121 £56,622

PDC Home Tour - Group 24

Group 24 is another group that might not feature any huge names, but could up end being very close fought. Ratajski is the favourite to make the knockouts, but Hughes, Labanauskas and Alcinas are all capable of throwing him off his game.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Krzysztof Ratajski 18 £391,355
Jamie Hughes 41 £265,396
Darius Labanauskas 50 £183,407
Antonio Alcinas 62 £182,183

PDC Home Tour - Group 25

Keegan Brown gets a chance at redemption as he is entered in Group 25, after previously being eliminated due to poor internet. It might work in his favour however, as he comes up against 3 other players that rank lower than him in the current PDC rankings. Robert Thornton is a veteran that could potentially cause a shock, but Brown is the steady favourite in this group.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Keegan Brown 30 £375,850
Jose De Sousa 56 £86,347
Robert Thornton 61 £1,312,626
Reece Robinson 84 £36,110

PDC Home Tour - Group 27

Plainly looking at the PDC rankings for Group 27, you would assume that Steve Beaton is a straightforward favourite to make the knockout rounds. But, Scott Waites could be a dark horse, depsite his 100 placed ranking. Waites is actually odds on to win all of his ties, so he could be amongst the lowest ranked players in the later stages. Elsewhere, Ross Meulenkamp gets another chance at redemption as he makes a second entry into the Home Tour.

Player Current Ranking Career Winnings
Steve Beaton 25 £1,097,555
Ross Smith 47 £176,340
Ross Meulenkamp 49 £203,514
Scott Waites 100 £679,769

Previous PDC Home Tour Matches

Friday 17th April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Peter Wright (2/17) Peter Jacques (4/1) Bet Here
19:55 Jamie Lewis (20/29) Niels Zonneveld Bet Here
20:20 Peter Jacques (20/23) Niels Zonneveld (4/5) Bet Here
20:45 Peter Wright (2/15) Jamie Lewis (15/4) Bet Here
21:10 Jamie Lewis (4/5) Peter Jacques (20/23) Bet Here
21:35 Neils Zonneveld (7/2) Peter Wright (2/13) Bet Here

Saturday 18th April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Gerwyn Price (1/6) Rowby-John Rodriguez (33/10) Bet Here
19:55 Luke Woodhouse (20/31) Ted Evetts (11/10) Bet Here
20:20 Rowby-John Rodriguez (4/5) Ted Evetts (20/23) Bet Here
20:45 Gerwyn Price (2/9) Luke Woodhouse (53/20) Bet Here
21:10 Luke Woodhouse (20/31) Rowby-John Rodriguez (11/10) Bet Here
21:35 Ted Evetts (33/10) Gerwyn Price (1/6) Bet Here

Sunday 19th April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Dave Chinsall (20/59) Scott Waites (19/10) Bet Here
19:55 Jan Dekker (4/7) Jonathan Worsley (6/5) Bet Here
20:20 Scott Waites (20/43) Jonathan Worsley (29/20) Bet Here
20:45 Dave Chinsall (5/19) Jan Dekker (47/20) Bet Here
21:10 Jan Dekker (5/4) Scott Waites (10/19) Bet Here
21:35 Jonathan Worsley (16/5) Dave Chinsall (4/23) Bet Here

Monday 20th April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Ross Smith (2/7) Lisa Ashton (11/5) Bet Here
19:55 Michael Mansell (5/6) Geert Nentjes (5/6) Bet Here
20:20 Lisa Ashton (13/10) Geert Nentes (10/19) Bet Here
20:45 Ross Smith (20/41) Michael Mansell (7/5) Bet Here
21:10 Michael Mansell (1/2) Lisa Ashton (7/5) Bet Here
21:35 Geert Nentjes (27/20) Ross Smith (20/39) Bet Here

Tuesday 21st April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Luke Humphries (5/12) Nick Kenny (17/10) Bet Here
20:00 Devon Petersen (20/39) Joe Murnan (29/20) Bet Here
20:30 Nick Kenny (10/13) Joe Murnan (20/21) Bet Here
21:00 Luke Humphries (20/33) Devon Petersen (6/5) Bet Here
21:30 Devon Petersen (5/9) Nick Kenny (13/10) Bet Here
22:00 Joe Murnan (33/20) Luke Humphries (5/12) Bet Here

Wednesday 22nd April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 James Wade (2/7) Adrian Gray (11/5) Bet Here
20:00 Ryan Searle (20/39) Andy Boulton (5/8) Bet Here
20:30 Adrian Gray (23/20) Andy Boulton (5/8) Bet Here
21:00 James Wade (20/31) Ryan Searle (21/20) Bet Here
21:30 Ryan Searle (10/27) Adrian Gray (9/5) Bet Here
22:00 Andy Boulton (17/10) James Wade (2/5) Bet Here

Thursday 23rd April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Jelle Klassen (5/9) Ryan Meikle (13/10) Bet Here
20:00 Gabriel Clemens (4/11) Gavin Carlin (19/10) Bet Here
20:30 Ryan Meikle (2/3) Gavin Carlin (11/10) Bet Here
21:00 Jelle Klassen (6/5) Gabriel Clemens (20/33) Bet Here
21:30 Gabriel Clemens (5/12) Ryan Meikle (8/5) Bet Here
22:00 Gavin Carlin (29/20) Jelle Klassen (1/2) Bet Here

Friday 24th April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Jonny Clayton (5/9) Adam Hunt (13/10) Bet Here
20:00 Richard North (10/11) David Pallett (5/6) Bet Here
20:30 Adam Hunt (5/8) David Pallett (6/5) Bet Here
21:00 Jonny Clayton (4/9) Richard North (31/20) Bet Here
21:30 Richard North (6/5) Adam Hunt (20/33) Bet Here
22:00 David Pallett (7/5) Jonny Clayton (20/39) Bet Here

Monday 27th April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Simon Whitlock (10/27) Mike van Duivenbode (9/5) Bet Here
20:00 Kirk Shepherd (10/11) Alan Tabern (10/13) Bet Here
20:30 Mike van Duivenbode (4/5) Alan Tabern (10/11) Bet Here
21:00 Simon Whitlock (20/57) Kirk Shepherd (19/10) Bet Here
21:30 Kirk Shepherd (21/20) Mike van Duivenbode (20/29) Bet Here
22:00 Alan Tabern (33/20) Simon Whitlock (20/49) Bet Here

Tuesday 28th April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Max Hopp (20/31) Mike De Decker (11/10) Bet Here
20:00 Keegan Brown (20/31) Conan Whiteside (11/10) Bet Here
20:30 Mike De Decker (5/7) Conan Whiteside (1/1) Bet Here
21:00 Max Hopp (10/13) Keegan Brown (10/11) Bet Here
21:30 Keegan Brown (2/3) Mike De Decker (21/20) Bet Here
22:00 Conan Whiteside (5/4) Max Hopp (5/9) Bet Here

Wednesday 29th April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Steave Beaton (4/7) Callan Rydz (5/4) Bet Here
19:55 Matthew Edgar (5/8) Carl Wilkinson (23/20) Bet Here
20:20 Callan Rydz (10/21) Carl Wilkinson (6/4) Bet Here
20:45 Steve Beaton (5/13) Matthew Edgar (9/5) Bet Here
21:10 Matthew Edgar (11/10) Callan Rydz (2/3) Bet Here
21:35 Carl Wilkinson (41/20) Steve Beaton (10/31) Bet Here

Thursday 30th April

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Chris Dobey (20/83) Ciaran Teeham (53/20) Bet Here
20:00 Ron Meulenkamp (20/23) Kai Fan Leung (5/6) Bet Here
20:30 Ciaran Teehan (9/5) Kai Fan Leung (20/51) Bet Here
21:00 Chris Dobey (5/12) Ron Meulenkamp (33/20) Bet Here
21:30 Ron Meulenkamp (20/41) Ciaran Teehan (6/4) Bet Here
22:00 Kai Fan Leung (6/4) Chris Dobey (1/2) Bet Here

Friday 1st May

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Darren Webster (5/11) Bradley Brooks (8/5) Bet Here
20:00 Scott Baker (20/23) Andy Hamilton (5/6) Bet Here
20:30 Bradley Brooks (20/21) Andy Hamilton (20/27) Bet Here
21:00 Darren Webster (5/9) Scott Baker (13/10) Bet Here
21:30 Scott Baker (10/13) Bradley Brooks (20/21) Bet Here
22:00 Andy Hamilton (6/5) Darren Webster (5/8) Bet Here

Saturday 2nd May

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Ricky Evans (1/4) Martin Atkins (13/5) Bet Here
20:00 Christian Bunse (27/20) Jeff Smith (10/19) Bet Here
20:30 Martin Atkins (7/4) Jeff Smith (20/49) Bet Here
21:00 Ricky Evans (10/31) Christian Bunse (21/10) Bet Here
21:30 Christian Bunse (2/3) Martin Atkins (11/10) Bet Here
22:00 Jeff Smith (6/5) Ricky Evans (20/33) Bet Here

Thursday 7th May

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Rob Cross (20/87) William Borland (27/10) Bet Here
20:05 Dmitri van den Bergh (5/11) Karel Sedlacek (6/4) Bet Here
20:30 William Borland (1/1) Karel Sedlacek (5/7) Bet Here
21:00 Rob Cross (10/19) Dmitri van den Bergh (13/10) Bet Here
21:30 Dmitri van den Bergh (10/27) William Borland (9/5) Bet Here
22:00 Karel Sedlacek (12/5) Rob Cross (1/4) Bet Here

Friday 8th May

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Ian White (20/87) Jesus Noguera (53/20) Bet Here
20:00 Danny Noppert (10/21) James Wilson (29/20) Bet Here
20:30 Jesus Noguera (11/10) James Wilson (20/31) Bet Here
21:00 Ian White (5/9) Danny Noppert (5/4) Bet Here
21:30 Danny Noppert (10/31) Jesus Nogeura (2/1) Bet Here
22:00 James Wilson (21/10) Ian White (4/13) Bet Here

Saturday 9th May

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Kyle Anderson (8/5) Daniel Larsson (8/5) Bet Here
20:00 Martin Schindler (20/21) Dirk van Duijvenbode (20/39) Bet Here
20:30 Daniel Larsson (27/20) Bet Here
21:00 Kyle Anderson (20/29) Martin Schindler (1/1) Bet Here
21:30 Martin Schindler (5/9) Daniel Larsson (5/4) Bet Here
22:00 Dirk van Duijvenbode (20/21) Kyle Anderson (20/27) Bet Here

Sunday 10th May

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Krzysztof Ratajski (2/7) Antonio Alcinas (43/20) Bet Here
20:00 Jamie Hughes (20/29) Darius Labanauskas (1/1) Bet Here
20:30 Antonio Alcinas (5/4) Darius Labanauskas (5/9) Bet Here
21:00 Krzysztof Ratajski (20/39) Jamie Hughes (27/20) Bet Here
21:30 Jamie Hughes (20/43) Antonio Alcinas (29/20) Bet Here
22:00 Darius Labanauskas (8/5) Krzysztof Ratajski (5/12) Bet Here

Monday 11th May

Start Home Away Betting
19:35 Keegan Brown (4/7) Reece Robinson (5/4) Bet Here
20:05 Jose De Sousa (10/21) Robert Thornton (29/20) Bet Here
20:30 Reece Robinson (5/6) Robert Thornton (5/6) Bet Here
21:00 Keegan Brown (21/20) Jose de Sousa (2/3) Bet Here
21:30 Jose De Sousa (5/13) Reece Robinson (7/4) Bet Here
22:00 Robert Thornton (23/20) Keegan Brown (5/8) Bet Here

Wednesday 13th May

Start Home Away Betting
19:30 Steve Beaton (5/6) Scott Waites (5/6) Bet Here
20:00 Ross Smith (11/10) Ron Meulenkamp (20/31) Bet Here
20:30 Scott Waites (5/6) Ron Meulenkamp (5/6) Bet Here
21:00 Steve Beaton (20/31) Ross Smith (11/10) Bet Here
21:30 Ross Smith (20/21) Scott Waites (10/13) Bet Here
22:00 Ron Meulenkamp (5/6) Steve Beaton (20/23) Bet Here