How To Watch The African Cup of Nations

How To Watch The African Cup Of Nations

The African Cup Of Nations gets underway this weekend and as ever, it is one of the top international tournaments. Smaller nations are everywhere in the AFCON, meaning there is plenty of room for shocks and giant killings. There’s also a chance for the next African cult hero to make his name and follow in the footsteps of players like Asamoah Gyan and El Hadji Diouf, who both made big money moves after impressing for their country. Below, we’ve taken a look at how we can keep up with the AFCON, as well as a full list of fixtures with updated odds and results.

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How Can I Watch The African Cup Of Nations In The UK?

The African Cup Of Nations will be shown live on Eurosport in the UK. Eurosport won the rights to the 2017 AFCON and will again cover the whole tournament for the 2019 summer. The exact schedule is yet to be released, but all the games up to and including the 28th June will be shown on Eurosport 2, rather than Eurosport 1.

Eurosport is available for free for all Sky subscribers, but if not available on Freeview. Instead, you can watch online on the Eurosport player. It will require a monthly subscription, but you can cancel at anytime.

What’s the schedule like for the African Cup Of Nations?

Like with most international tournaments, there are so many fixtures that there will often be more than 1 per day, particularly throughout the group stage. The tournament starts on the 21st June, with one game kicking off at 21:00 GMT.

From there, there will be 3 games per day until the 29th June. For these days, there will be a game at 15:30, 18:00 and 21:00. The final group stage games begin on the 30th June, where both games in each group will need to be played at the same time. This means there will be 4 games per day - 2 at 17:00 and 2 more at 20:00.

The knockout stages start on the 5th of July, 3 days after the end of the group stages. There will be 2 games per day on each day of the knockout rounds until the 3rd place playoff. This will be played on the 17th July, with the final on the 19th July in Cairo.

Group Stages - 21st June - 2nd July
Round of 16 - 5th July - 8th July
Quarter Finals - 10th July - 11th July
Semi Finals - 14th July
Third Place Playoff - 17th July
Final - 19th July

African Cup Of Nations Betting Odds and Fixtures

Match Number Date Time (GMT) Home Team Away Team Stadium UK Channel
13 26th June 15:30 Nigeria (21/20) Guinea (3/1) Alexandria Stadium Eurosport 2
14 26th June 18:00 Uganda (6/4) Zimbabwe (23/10) Cairo International Stadium Eurosport 2
15 26th June 21:00 Egypt (2/5) DR Congo (8/1) Cairo International Stadium Eurosport 2
16 27th June 15:30 Madagascar (39/20) Burundi (8/5) Alexandria Stadium Eurosport 2
17 27th June 18:00 Senegal (23/20) Algeria (53/20) 30 June Stadium Eurosport 2
18 27th June 21:00 Kenya (6/5) Tanzania (5/2) 30 June Stadium Eurosport 2
19 28th June 15:30 Tunisia (27/20) Mali (21/10) Suez Stadium Eurosport 2
20 28th June 18:00 Morocco (19/10) Ivory Coast (8/5) Al-Salam Stadium Eurosport 2
21 28th June 21:00 South Africa (10/17) Namibia (19/4) Al-Salam Stadium Eurosport 2
22 29th June 15:30 Mauritania (12/5) Angola (6/5) Suez Stadium TBC
23 29th June 18:00 Cameroon Ghana Ismailia Stadium TBC
24 29th June 21:00 Benin Guinea-Bissau Ismailia Stadium TBC
25 30th June 17:00 Burundi Guinea Al-Salam Stadium TBC
26 30th June 17:00 Madagascar Nigeria Alexandria Stadium TBC
27 30th June 20:00 Zimbabwe DR Congo 30 June Stadium TBC
28 30th June 20:00 Uganda Egypt Cairo International Stadium TBC
29 1st July 17:00 Namibia Ivory Coast 30 June Stadium TBC
30 1st July 17:00 South Africa Morocco Al-Salam Stadium TBC
31 1st July 20:00 Kenya Senegal 30 June Stadium TBC
32 1st July 20:00 Tanzania Algeria Al-Salam Stadium TBC
33 2nd July 17:00 Benin Cameroon Ismailia Stadium TBC
34 2nd July 17:00 Guinea-Bissau Ghana Suez Stadium TBC
35 2nd July 20:00 Angola Mali Ismailia Stadium TBC
36 2nd July 20:00 Mauritania Tunisia Suez Stadium TBC
37 5th July 18:00 1D 3BEF Al-Salam Stadium TBC
38 5th July 20:00 2A 2C Cairo International Stadium TBC
39 6th July 18:00 2B 2F Alexandria Stadium TBC
40 6th July 20:00 1A 3CDE Cairo International Stadium TBC
41 7th July 17:00 1B 3ACD Alexandria Stadium TBC
42 7th July 20:00 1C 3ABF 30 June Stadium TBC
43 8th July 18:00 1E 2D Suez Stadium TBC
44 8th July 20:00 1F 2E Ismailia Stadium TBC
45 10th July 18:00 W M38 W M41 30 June Stadium TBC
46 10th July 20:00 W M42 W M39 Cairo International Stadium TBC
47 11th July 18:00 W M43 W M40 Suez Stadium TBC
48 11th July 20:00 W M37 W M44 Al-Salam Stadium TBC
49 14th July 17:00 W M45 W M46 30 June Stadium TBC
50 14th July 20:00 W M47 W M48 Cairo International Stadium TBC
51 17th July 20:00 L M49 L M50 Al-Salam Stadium TBC
52 19th July 20:00 W M49 W M50 Cairo International Stadium TBC

African Cup Of Nations Results

Match Number Date Time (GMT) Result Stadium UK Channel
1 21st June 21:00 Egypt 1-0 Zimbabwe Cairo International Stadium Eurosport 2
2 22nd June 15:30 DR Congo 0-2 Uganda Cairo International Stadium Eurosport 2
3 22nd June 18:00 Nigeria 1-0 Burundi Alexandria Stadium Eurosport 2
4 22nd June 21:00 Guinea 2-2 Madagascar Alexandria Stadium Eurosport 2
5 23rd June 15:30 Morocco 1-0 Namibia Al-Salam Stadium Eurosport 2
6 23rd June 18:00 Senegal 2-0 Tanzania 30 June Stadium Eurosport 2
7 23rd June 21:00 Algeria 2-0 Kenya 30 June Stadium Eurosport 2
8 24th June 15:30 Ivory Coast 1-0 South Africa Al-Salam Stadium Eurosport 2
9 24th June 18:00 Tunisia 1-1 Angola Suez Stadium Eurosport 2
10 24th June 21:00 Mali 4-1 Mauritania Suez Stadium Eurosport 2
11 25th June 18:00 Cameroon 2-0 Guinea Bissau Ismailia Stadium Eurosport 2
12 25th June 21:00 Ghana 2-2 Benin Ismailia Stadium Eurosport 2

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