Wheel of Fortune On Tour

Base Game

Wheel Of Fortune On Tour uses 30 paylines across a 5x3 reel slot. Spin the famous Wheel Of Fortune to trigger Bonus Rounds, or you could win cash prizes!


Coin Value

There are 50 coins in play in each round, and the value of each Coin can be decided in the Coin Value window.

Total Bet

The Total Bet window tells you exactly how much you're placing on the next round.


When you're ready to place your bet, press Spin to begin the next round.


Any amount won after a spin will be shown in the Win window.


To check how much money left in your account to play with, just look at the Balance window.


Pressing Autoplay will allow you to select a number of rounds, and the game will automatically play for you.


The Settings button lets you change any features in the game to suit you.

Wheelmobile Wilds

The Wheelmobile Wild feature can start randomly during any spin, and will select 4 symbols anywhere on the reels that will be turned into Wilds.

On Tour Bonus Wheel

You'll get a chance to Spin the On Tour Bonus Wheel when 3 Bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels. There's a chance to win cash prizes, or even trigger Bonus Rounds, depending on which Level you are.

Level Up Feature

Each time you open up Wheel Of Fortune On Tour, you'll be earning experience points that will Level you up. Your Levels that you earn will still be there every time you decide to play, and will award additional Bonus Features as you get to the higher Levels. You can get additional Bonus Rounds, an increased chance of spinning the On Tour Bonus Wheel.

Level 1

The first time you play the game, you'll start at Level 1. Level 1 doesn't come with any extra features.

Level 2

Levelling up for the first time will give you the Free Play Free Spins Bonus. This feature can be activated by spinning the On Tour Bonus Wheel, and will award 3 Free Spins. During each Free Spin, a symbol will randomly be chosen to turn into a Wild. Each Free Spin will change another symbol into Wilds, so by the end of the round, 3 symbols will be changed into Wilds.

Level 3

Reaching Level 3 will reward you with an Expanded Top Award. The Bonus Wheel will now feature the Expanded Top Award, and will triple the chances of winning the games biggest prize.

Level 4

The Letter Board Picker Bonus will be unlocked when you reach Level 4. Getting this feature on the Bonus wheel will mean you'll be have to chooses different tiles to reveal one of 3 things: a Coin Win, A Coin Win with an extra pick, or a multiplier with an extra pick. There are 500 Credits, 7 picks and a 5x multiplier up for grabs during the feature.

Level 5

When you reach Level 5, the Multiplier Wedge is added onto the Bonus Wheel. Landing on the Multplier Wedge will award a multiplier between 2x-5x, which will be added to any win on an additional spin of the wheel.

Level 6

The Spin To Win Bonus will be unlocked for reaching Level 6. You'll first have to choose from 5 letters, this will reveal a value that will be used as your Top Award. You'll then spin the Wheel, which will either land on a random value, or land on the Top Award. Landing on the Top Award will end the game. If you land on another value, then you will get the chance to accept or reject the value. Rejecting it will replace the wedge with a 50 wedge. If the 50 wedge is landed on during the next spin, then the 50 will be awarded to you, and the game will end. If you accept the random value, then the game will end.

Level 7

The final Level will give you the Bonus Trigger Boost. This will increase your chances of triggering the On Tour Bonus Wheel during a spin, and will also increase your chances of winning.