Silent Movie

Silent Movie

Silent Movie has 30 paylines across a 3x5 reel slot. With Unique Bonuses and 4 Bonus Rounds, there is plenty on offer here.



This window will show you the number of lines that will be in play on the next game round. The more paylines you play with, the higher chance you have of winning.

Line Bet

The Line Bet window lets you choose how much you want to stake on each of the Lines in play. To increase your line bet, use the right (+) arrow, and to decrease it, use the left (-) arrow.

Total Bet

The Total Bet window saves you the trouble of working out your stake, and simply shows you how much will be staked on the next game round.


When you win, the total amount will be shown in this window. It will be the total amount won across all of the paylines in play.


If you need to keep an eye on how much you have left to play with, then there is a live counter in the Balance window for you.


If you want to kick back and watch the movie take place, then use the Autoplay button to automatically spin the reels for a selected number of rounds.


If you want to check out the games paytable then click the Information button, where you'll also see any extra information.


Just like any other slots, Wilds act to complete winning lines, making them a favourite feature. In Silent Movie, the Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except the Scatter and the Bonus symbols.


There are 4 unique Free Spins Bonus Rounds available, each based on a classic film. To start a Bonus Round, find 2 of the same movies Bonus Symbols on the reels after any spin. Before starting each round, you'll have to get a ticket in the Bonus Ticket Booth. Choose the right one, as it will decide the content of the round to come.


The 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' Bonus Round will give you up between 3 and 6 Free Spins, depending on the ticket chosen in the Bonus Ticket Booth. Unlike normal Free Spin rounds, you will only use up your spins if you end up a winner. So you will be guaranteed between 3-6 winning spins.


In the 'A Trip To The Moon' Bouns, you'll be awarded between 10-15 Free Spins. Again, the amount of Free Spins you recieve will depend on the ticket that you chose. During your spins, an extra Wild will appear on the reels.


This time, the 'A Muddy Romance' Bonus Round will give you between 6-12 Bonus Rounds. The number of rounds is decided by the ticket you choose. An additional Scatter Symbol will appear during these Free Spins to provide scatter wins of 3-8 of a kind. The Wild symbol will also substitute for any Scatter symbol, but only during this Bonus.


The last Bonus Round on offer is the 'Keystone Kops' Bonus. This time, the ticket you choose will decide the multiplier available during your Free Spins, with an option of between 2x-5x. Halfway through your Spins, the multiplier will double, so you could end up with a 10x multiplier on all spins by the end!