London Live Roulette

London Live Roulette

More About London Live Roulette Rules

There are plenty of simulated roulette games powered by computer software you can play in our online casino. Live roulette is a completely different experience for one simple reason: it is not a computer simulation. Players are connected to a gaming studio, playing live games managed by human croupiers spinning real roulette wheels. That describes London Live Roulette in a nutshell.

London Live Roulette puts you right in the centre of the action with real-time video and audio. You see the sights, you hear the sounds, and you watch the action as it unfolds. All this is made possible thanks to high-speed internet and the masterful game designers at Evolution Gaming.

When you login to a London Live Roulette room, you'll see a live video feed of a roulette game in progress. The rules of the game are typical European rules, so you can jump right in and begin playing if you already know how. Otherwise it might be a smart idea to take a few minutes and read up on roulette so that you know what you're doing. It is actually a fairly simple game to learn.

London Live Roulette plays like virtually every other roulette game in terms of function. The roulette wheel spins in one direction while a small marble travels around the rim of the wheel in the opposite direction. Eventually the marble falls into the wheel and lodges itself in one of 37 pockets. Each of those pockets has a number and a colour.

Your job is to try to correctly guess which pocket the ball will land in. You place your bets accordingly – before the wheel spins. You can place as many bets as you see fit up to the limit of the table. Then just sit back and let the roulette wheel do its thing.

The best things about London Live Roulette are the sights and sounds. You get to see the wheel spin and hear the marble rattle around – all without having to leave the comfort of your own home or office. London Live Roulette brings the game to you so that you don't have to go to it.

How to Play London Live Roulette

Everything you need to play London Live Roulette appears on your computer or mobile device screen. Most of the screen is taken up by the live video feed coming to you from the studio. Computer software generates the graphics that act as your game controls. For example, the poker chips you see at the bottom of your screen are generated by computer.

To wager, just drag and drop chips onto the betting table (aka the layout). Once all of the players at the table have made their wagers, the croupier spins the wheel and evaluates winners and losers. Then you all place your wagers and spin again. That's it from a rules standpoint. But don't start playing just yet, there is more you need to know.

Roulette offers dozens of different wagers to work with. You can bet on single numbers, groups of numbers, or the even money bets of odd/even and black/red. There are particular ways to lay your chips on the table for each of these bets.

For example, the London Live Roulette strategy of betting on numbers 1 through 12 require setting your chips on the 1-12 area on the outside of the layout. Conversely, you can bet on a group of four numbers that all share a common corner on the inside portion of the layout by placing your chips on that corner. Bet on an entire column by placing chips at the top of the column.

You also need to know that the chips from winning wagers stay on the table at the conclusion of the spin. If you want your winning chips taken off the table so you can place new bets, you have to click the 'Clear' button to do so. Otherwise those chips remain in play for the next to spin.

##London Live Roulette, Extra Features and Bonus Play

London Live Roulette is your opportunity to play one of the most loved casino games in the world via the internet. Play here and you might be eligible for special casino bonuses down the road. We offer regular bonuses to the most loyal players who make our casino their favourite destination for roulette.