It Came From The Moon

It Came From The Moon slot is an ‘out of this world’ casino game. It features stacked wilds for large multi-line payouts, plus you can trigger the space invaders-style mini game. During each bonus there are chances to win cash prizes and big multipliers




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Max Bet

Bonus: It Came From The Moon Bonus

How to play It Came From The Moon Slot Game

It Came From The Moon is a five reel, 20 line slot game which awards wins for matching 3 consecutive symbols, left to right on any active winline.

All twenty lines are always in play. Select the total bet value by using the arrow buttons and click 'Start' to spin the reels. When a winning line is obtained; the winning symbols will be highlighted and the total amount won will be shown.


Pressing the auto button will provide various auto play options. Once the desired options have been selected, press the begin button to start auto play. To cancel the Autospin feature, click Stop at any time.

The 'It Came From The Moon' Bonus

As the aliens attack in the Bonus Round it is your duty to take charge and save the world from imminent doom in a Space-Invaders style bonus. When three bonus scatter symbols appear anywhere in the window; any coincidental win line payouts are displayed and the bonus round will be awarded. Select spaceships to accumulate prizes, starting on level 1 and working up to level 5. When a Moon Bug is revealed, move up to the next level. If all prizes are revealed on a level, a bonus multiplier is awarded.

All prizes revealed on 1 level = x2 multiplier.
All prizes revealed on 2 levels = x3 multiplier.
All prizes revealed on 3 levels = x4 multiplier.
All prizes revealed on 4 levels = x5 multiplier.
All prizes revealed on 5 levels = x6 multiplier.

Revealing a Moon Bug on each of the 5 levels will trigger the jackpot bug screen for the opportunity to select the bug carrying the jackpot prize.