About Deal or No Deal: Box Picker

Deal or No Deal: Box Picker is an online casino game from Playzido, developed to follow the same rules and features as the massively successful TV show of the same name. To begin this online slot you will need to pick your lucky box from the 26 options on the table. There are then 5 different rounds where you will pick a number of boxes for each, after which the Banker will call and offer you a cash amount. If you then accept that cash amount, the game will end and you will be paid your winnings.

The selection on which boxes you choose can be up to you by clicking them individually, or alternatively, you can select ‘Quick Pick Boxes’ in order to have the game randomly select the boxes for you. The longer you keep the high numbers in red in the game, the higher your offers from the Banker are likely to be. If you are still in the game at the end there will be two boxes left, and the box you chose at the start of the game will be the amount that you’d win.

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How to Play Deal or No Deal: Box Picker

Total Bet

Before playing, select your bet. Use the red ▼ to reduce your bet, which can go as far as the minimum bet of £0.50. Use the blue ▲ to increase a bet up to a maximum of £100. Your bet amount will automatically edit the values in each box, with the higher the bet meaning the higher the values on the board.


Select ‘Deal’ to accept an offer from the Banker.

No Deal

Select ‘No Deal’ to reject an offer from the Banker and continue playing the game.


If you are looking for some more information on the Deal or No Deal game, you can click on the blue and white menu button before a round has started to bring up more details about the game, including how to accept and reject offers from the Banker.

Deal or No Deal: Box Picker Special Features

The Banker's Offer

Each round of the Deal or No Deal: Box Picker game has a certain number of boxes to open.

Round 1 = 6 boxes

Round 2 = 5 boxes

Round 3 = 5 boxes

Round 4 = 4 boxes

Round 5 = 4 boxes

After each round, the Banker will offer you a cash amount in exchange for ending the game, and you can choose to either Deal or No Deal. By rejecting all of the Banker’s offers, you will win the amount of money in your box that was chosen at the start of the round.

Bet UK Deal or No Deal: Box Picker Slot Review

Bet UK online casino is proud to present a very unique game with a difference. As opposed to the traditional slot games that we offer, this game provides something completely different to the norm. Feel like you are on Deal or No Deal itself with so many of the same features that were included in the great TV show. The choice of whether to Deal or No Deal will be in your hands after each round. For a live casino experience with the same theme, why not try Deal or No Deal Live? Or, for something completely different, feel free to place your next sports bet with us.