Cop The Lot Safe Grabber mobile slot

Cop the Lot Safegrabber

About Cop the Lot Safegrabber Slot

If you haven’t played the original Cop the Lot then we’d be remiss not to tell you it’s proven highly popular, largely due to the fact it’s packed full of unique bonus features. Blueprint Gaming have tracked its popularity, taken aspects of the first game, and given them a traditional pub fruit renovation in order to give players who prefer classic layouts the chance to experience this title.

The symbols on the reels are largely made up of fruit - reminiscent of traditional fruit machines - such as Cherries, Lemons, Oranges, Plums, Grapes, and Melons. A few symbols from the original Cop the Lot make a welcome return, specifically the Swag Bags and the Cash Bundles. These can form winning combinations on their own, but there are a stupendous number of bonus features that can be unlocked via the Bonus Trail if you can make it there.

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How To Play Cop the Lot Safegrabber Slot

Total Bet

In Cop the Lot Safegrabber Slot, you can edit the amount you are willing to wager on the next spin by selecting the red stake button at the bottom of the display and choosing the right amount for your budget.


If you are happy with the bet amount, you can play through one full single spin by clicking the Play button, the green button to the right-hand side of the game interface. Any wins that appear as a result of that spin will be directly added to your balance.


If you require additional information for Cop the Lot Safegrabber Slot, you can access the paytable, player information, and the settings through the yellow menu button in the bottom left section of the screen.

Cop the Lot Safegrabber Slot Bonus Features

Bonus Trail

If players complete the number trail, they’ll gain access to the Bonus Trail. This is similar to a board game layout, made up of a variety of squares that can award different outcomes once landed on. Outcomes include; climbing a place on the bonus feature ladder, free spins, adding cash to the money ladder, or unlocking the Safegrabber feature.

At any point, players can choose to collect the current amount displayed on the money ladder on the right hand side by selecting the ‘take cash’ button, or they can access the relevant feature on the bonus feature ladder by using the ‘take feature’ button on the left.

Safegrabber Feature

If players acquire three Safes while moving around the Bonus Trail, they will trigger the Safegrabber feature. You can either enter the round, or play on to have a chance of upgrading the bonus to either the Super Safegrabber or the Mega Safegrabber. The feature works in a similar way to Deal or No Deal, where you select a safe with a mystery amount hidden inside, remove other safes worth a variety of amounts, and reject or accept cash offers.

Bonus Ladder

Each trip to the bonus trail may result in obtaining a higher tier on the Bonus Ladder. There are a total of 16 tiers, each with differing bonus options:

Win Spin: The reels spin and are guaranteed to create a winning combination.

Hot Shot: The spin button stops the light on one of the top segments for a cash amount. This win can then be repeated, or the feature can end, depending on whether the player lands on ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Turbo Cash: Players can potentially gamble to the very top of the cash ladder for large payouts.

Money Bank: Select a silver safe to reveal one of three instant wins.

Cash Code: The reels spin, and progress the player up the money ladder for an instant win.

Crazy Cash: Similar to Turbo Cash players try to stop the light on the correct segment of the money ladder to move up it. You’ll have three lives.

Easy Money: The central number reel will spin, and you’ll have to predict the next number using the Hi and Lo buttons to move up the money ladder.

Reel Rush: The reels spin, and the player chooses when to stop them. Once they’ve stopped, any payline wins.

Safecracker: Three gold safes will appear on screen, and players choose one to reveal an instant cash prize.

Go for Gold: A light moves across the upper golden safes, and the player stops it at random. The corresponding instant cash win is awarded.

Cash Climber: Three silver safes will appear, and players can select one to either climb the money ladder or collect the current value.

Cash Combo: A light moves up and down the money ladder, and the player stops it, being awarded the corresponding cash value. There’s also a chance for a repeat payout.

Bank on it: Similar to the Cash Creator bonus, except that only the top seven amounts on the money ladder are in play. Again, there is a chance for a repeat win.

Bullion Blitz: Several boxes appear, and the player selects one to reveal a cash prize. They may then continue to select boxes until a Collect is uncovered.

Powerplay: The reels spin and form a winning combination. There is then a chance for a repeat spin and win.

Millionaire’s Row: The game transitions to the Big Money feature, where huge potential jackpots are on offer.

Bet UK Cop the Lot Safegrabber Slot Review

We try and find the best online casino games for our Bet UK players, and our search often sees us hunting high and low. Developers like Blueprint Gaming make it a whole lot easier, as you know you’re getting a stellar slot whenever they create a new release. It’s made even more simple when they convert an existing game into something unique, as they have done here. For another example of turning a standard slot into a pub fruit machine layout, take a look at Genie Jackpots Cave of Wonders.