Jordan Hugill Exclusive Interview

Date Written 23/07/2020

Bet UK’s Exclusive Interview with Jordan Hugill

Since joining on loan last season, Jordan Hugill has quickly established himself as a fan favourite at Loftus Road. After scoring on his debut, Hugill has netted 15 times for QPR this season. Often leading the line alongside Nakhi Wells, the pair have formed one of the most formidable forward lines in the Championship. To get a further insight into the thoughts of a loanee, Bet UK sat down with Jordan Hugill to talk about his experience at QPR, as well as throughout his career.

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Interview Transcript:

Q: Firstly, you’re currently on loan with QPR from West Ham. From a player’s perspective, is it hard to settle at a club when you’re on loan, knowing you may only be there for one season?

A: Yeah, it’s hard in a way that everything is up in the air. But for me personally, the gaffer made that transition quite easy for myself. Obviously, scoring in your first game settles everything down as it is. All you want to do is go into your loan and impress, so to get off to the flying start that I did it settles everything down more. But as you said, it can be tough at times. At this club though, it was so much easier for me.

Q: Is it difficult when you go into a new club, because there's the natural urge to impress your new team and the fans, and sometimes having to go above and beyond your natural game? Or are you able to just focus on doing what you can do?

A: I think at times, you can yeah. You want to lead, and for me personally, you want to show why you got that move to the Premier League. I put pressure on myself anyway, I set myself targets and I want to constantly improve and get better. But, I want to show my quality at the same time. Here, I think the platform was given to me by the gaffer to do that.

I think in other loans, I have been guilty of trying to do too much and not done as well as I wanted to do. But here, I feel I’ve fit straight in with the system and with the lads, so it’s been nothing but a good time for me.

Q: 15 goals suggests that it has definitely been a successful loan spell! When you’re on loan, how much time and energy is spent focusing on your parent club, or are you 100% focused on your loan club?

A: For me personally, I can’t worry about what's going on at West Ham. I’m contracted at QPR until the end of the season. So the way I look at it is, if I continue to do my stuff, score goals and put in good performances, then the people at my parent club will know about it. I don’t need to brag, or feel the need to speak to anyone there. I’ve got to get on with my own job and do what I do well. At the end of the day, the goals don’t lie and the stats don’t lie. I’ll keep my head down, work hard and see how it goes at the end of the season.

I think I have to focus on something 100%. I believe that if your head isn’t in the present where you are, then you’re worried about too many other things. But if you’re fully focused on what you’re doing, then everything will take care of itself.

Q: Finally, how much have you enjoyed your season at QPR?

A: I’ve loved every minute of it. I came to QPR to play football, to get myself back on track after a few bad loans, performance wise. But, I wanted to get back on track and prove to people that I can score goals at this level, and I can thrive at this level, which is why I got my move to the Premier League. I feel as though I’ve done that. 15 goals is a very respectable return, especially with how competitive the Championship is this year.

So for me, it was just about getting everything right and getting everything back on track, and I believe I’ve done so. Hopefully, I can continue to do that and push myself further. 15 goals is the highest I’ve ever scored in my career. My target was 15 goals, so when the season ends, I can be happy with what I got. I know if my injury didn't come around I could have got more, I had scored 2 in 2 before that. I could have scored more if my finishing was better, but I know that’s one of those things I’ve got to work on and keep working on. An injury at the start of the season was holding me back from that. As I said, I just wanted to come here, show I can do well and give myself the best possible chance, and I believe I have done that.