Each Way Betting Guide

Each Way Betting Guide At Bet UK

Each way betting is one of the most popular horse racing betting markets. Especially when a horse is not considered a favourite, each way [online betting] becomes a much more viable way of winning on a race.

What is Each Way Betting?

Each way betting is when you place a bet, also allowing for your selection to finish in the places just behind the winner. This means that if your selection comes 2nd, you will still get some returns. Each way betting is slightly different to place betting in that each way bettingwill return a bigger amount if your selection wins.

When placing an each way bet, you are essentially placing 2 different bets that can easily be combined into one. For example, placing a £5 each way bet on a horse will result in a total bet of £10, that covers 2 different markets. £5 will be placed on your selection to win, with the other £5 going on your selection to finish in the places. For horse racing betting, the places are normally dependent on the amount of runners in each race. The more runners in a race, the more places will be offered. For football betting, each way markets typically only apply to 1st and 2nd place. However the each way places will be clearly displayed on every relevant online betting market.

If a selection places, the each way part of your total bet will be resulted as a win. This means that for a £10 bet, £5 placed on the horse to win will be lost, with £5 on the horse to place resulting in a win. However, each way bets will not return as much as the winning stake would. When betting on a market, the place terms will be clearly visible. Typically, the each way bet will return between ½ and ⅕ of the odds of a horse. For example, if a horse was 9/1 and the each way returns were 1/3 of the original price, the each way bet would return 3/1. This means that from a £10 overall stake, £5 would be put on 3/1 and return £20. Taking away the £5 win bet that lost, this would leave you with a £15 win.

Each Way Betting Example

  • A £10 each way bet is placed on Horse A at odds of 10/1. This means that £10 will be staked on the horse to win, with the other £10 being placed on the each way market.
  • This race has a high numbers of runners and is offering 5 places. The each way market will be 1/3 of the original starting price, meaning if Horse A finishes in places 2nd - 5th, odds of 2/1 will be paid out.
  • If Horse A finishes 1st, then both parts of the each way bet will be resulted as a winner. This means that the £10 stake on the horse to win at 10/1 will win, as well as the £10 each way bet on the horse to place at 2/1 to win. Overall, this will result in a £140 win.
  • If Horse A finishes between 2nd - 5th, then the each way part of your bet will win. This will mean £10 placed at 2/1 will return £3. The £10 win part of your bet will result as a loss though, so you’re overall returns for the bet will be £20.

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