Corners Cashback

Football Corners Cashback

Like betting on corners? Then is the place for you! Hit the target and claim your Corners Cashback...

Place a bet on any over / under number of corners football markets (applies to whole number markets only) and if the number of corners equals the number in the market you'll receive your full stake back as cash.

It’s as simple as that! Bet on any of the following corner markets:


  1. Asian Handicaps: Over/Under/FT/1st Half/2nd Half Corners
  2. Total Team Corners
  3. Total Corners 2 Way
  4. Total Corners, 1st Half/2nd Half Corners

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####Tottenham Vs Liverpool: OU Corners FT Market OU Corners FT = Predict if the total corners taken in the match (by both teams) will be over or under a given number.

Over 10 Corners: 4/5

Under 10 Corners: 10/11

  1. Bet £10 on Over 10 corners @ 4/5, returning £18 possible winnings OR Bet £10 on Under 10 corners @ 10/11, returning £19.09 possible winnings.

  2. Total number of corners in the game settles as 10 corners exactly.

  3. We will return your £10 stake as cash when the market is settled.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Described as a “push rules apply” within Bet UK betting rules.
  2. Available on the following stated football markets and applies to whole number markets only: Asians Handicap & Over/Under Corners FT/1st Half/2nd Half, Total Team Corners, Total Corners 2 Way, Corners Over/Under, Corners 1st Half Over/Under, Corners 2nd Half Over/Under.
  3. “.5” markets are excluded from this promotion, as exact number of corners for cashback can not be determined.
  4. Applies to cash stake single bets only, of any stake size.
  5. Also available on any other market that has “push rules apply” stated within Bet UK betting rules.

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