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Sportsbook Odds at Bet UK

Bet UK is living up to its name and offering you all of your favourite online sports betting markets alongside our leading online casino. That’s right, Bet UK brings you exclusive markets and some of the greatest online sportsbook offers around, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Bet when, where and how you like.

You'll find a huge selection of sports, events, and fixtures. Our intuitive sportsbook is simple to use meaning you'll never miss out on placing your bets. Get the same sportsbook experience whether you bet on mobile or desktop. Placing your online sports bets has never been easier.

Odds on the best Sportsbook Markets

Football betting alone offers you the opportunity to bet on great markets like first goalscorer, number of corners and number of cards as well as the match winner. If you’re a fan of horse racing, we offer a full range of markets on all UK & Irish racing including winner, each way and forecasts. There's also markets on the top events in the racing calendar like Grand National Betting and Royal Ascot bets. Not a Horse Racing or Football fan? There is never a dull moment for any sports fan as Bet UK as we offer round-the-clock online sports betting on additional sports such as, Cricket Betting, and many many more.

Online Sportsbook Offers

You'll find a huge range of promotions that are constantly changing such as free bets and more. Be sure to check out our current sportsbook offers when you're making a bet to get the most bang for your buck. We'll also have a variety of offers for festivals such as Cheltenham and Royal Ascot.

Live Sportsbook Odds & Markets

Is your sixth sense tingling mid game? Checkout our Live In-Play Betting to see our live sportsbook markets! You'll find a variety of sportsbook options from the best live games. Whatever you choose, you're in good hands at Bet UK. Make sure to check out our promotions for the latest Free Bet Offers and promotions on the biggest sporting events.

Online Sportsbook Strategy

The Bet UK Sportsbook offers our customers a chance to pit their knowledge against ours to predict the outcome of a match or event. In short, the more you know about any sport, the better chance you have to win. So why not sit back, do some research on your favourite sports and play with Bet UK. Will it be the next horse across the line, or the next player to be carded? You can decide! Bet UK will also be bringing you weekly updates with our BTTS betting tips, picking out 3 matches across Europe each week.

Sportsbook Blog

If you're looking for the very latest online sportsbook news and tips take a look at our Sports Tips blog. As well as our normal content on our online casino blog, we bring you the latest news and updates for all the biggest sporting events. We will have a Premier League Betting Tips blog that will be updated every single week with the best tips for the week.

Guide for UK Sportsbooks

Make sure to keep checking Bet UK for regular, daily content on everything you need to know in the sporting world. Check out our list below to see if any of our sportsbook guides are what you’re looking for:

Alongside these sport-related guides we also have a number of guides based around events, courses and more! So be sure to check out our blog and see if we’ve released a guide for the upcoming event that you’re looking for.

Get sportsbook odds & markets on mobile

You're sitting pitchside at your favourite team's next home game. You can see it coming, the manager is about to put on the wonder kid no one knows about. What do you do? Simply head over to Bet UK’s in-play markets and check out the range of markets we offer. Bet UK is available on mobile, app and desktop, so you can place that next bet no matter where you are. One more reason Bet UK hits the target every time.

Sportsbook FAQs

How do sportsbook odds work?

Sportsbook odds represent the probability of an individual event happening. If a bet is under evens, it means there is a high probability of it happening, if a bet is over evens, the probability is lower than 50%. To work out how much money you would make if your bet wins, the left number is how much you would win if you placed the right number on that bet. If your odds are 10/1, you would win £10 + your £1 stake back. This would also indicate that there is a 10% chance of this bet coming off.

How do Each Way Sportsbook odds Work?

When placing an each way bet, you are placing two separate bets; one for the horse to win and one for the horse to place in that race. This means you’ll win even if your horse finishes 3rd rather than 1st.

When placing an each way bet, the stake that you enter will be doubled to add the place bet to your betslip. If your stake is £5, it will be doubled to £10 and you will have placed two separate £5 bets.

Each way bets are also beginning to become popular in sports other than Horse Racing, Football and Golf are two of the top sports that have picked up each way betting, this allows players to bet on teams to come first or second in their football league or within a certain position in their golf competition.

How do you read sportsbook odds?

There are three different ways in which players can read sportsbook odds, these are decimal, fractional and american. Decimal odds represents the amount won for every £1 wagered. This also shows the total payout rather than profit as your stake is already included in the decimal number. Fractional odds are typically the most popular in the UK and represent the ratio of profit won to stake. Meanwhile, American odds depending on the negative or positive sign demonstrate how much one would need to stake to win £100 or the amount won for every £100 staked.

What is BTTS in betting?

“BTTS” stands for Both Teams to Score and is a reference to Football betting. This means that both teams will score a goal during a game, this bet is only applicable for the 90 minute period and will not include extra time. Players may also find bets that include both teams to score in a singular half or both teams to score in both halves.